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NFL Releases 2014 Calendar: Draft? Changes They Are A Comin'

In a much anticipated move, the league is shifting some things around for the next league year.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing lasts forever. Well, except for a McDonald's Happy Meal.

The NFL has announced today that they will in fact be changing the league calendar for the 2014 season. At this point, it appears they've only made a decision on 2014 and future years appear to not be affected for the moment.

Whoooohoooo!!!! Two more weeks of Mock Drafting! Can you feel the excitement!

This past draft was held April 25th through 28th; a two-week change. It will all still go down at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

There was talk that the league was also looking to shift the beginning of the league year as well as the Scouting Combine. For now, those dates will remain unaffected. The Combine will be from February 18th - 25th. The league year will begin March 11th, 2014.

The beginning of the league year is when teams need to be under the offseason salary cap, and the date when Free Agency officially begins.

Per Ian Rappaport, the NFL League Meetings will be held from March 23rd - March 26th.

The scuttlebutt around the changes, during the rumor period, was that the league is setting things up to add additional games to the schedule. Some of the possibilities include taking two preseason games and making an 18 game regular season and also adding an additional round to the playoffs. For now, these will at least be a year off if they happen at all.

According to Breer, the league would have preferred to make sweeping changes to the calendar, pushing the combine to March and the league year to April, but the Player's Association wouldn't go for it. He also mentioned that the league cited a scheduling conflict.

We'll see about that!

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