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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Roster: We Want Your Pet Cats!

Which obscure, down-roster player is your pet cat to make the roster this year?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Did you know that if you mention the term "Pet Cat" to fans of other teams you'll probably draw nothing more than a blank stare? Yet among Cowboys fans, almost everybody knows what a pet cat is. In fact, if you search for the term "Pet Cat" across all 32 SB Nation NFL blogs, you'll find 1,837 comments with "Pet Cat" in them. All but 37 of those comments are on Blogging The Boys. Why is that?

"Pet Cat" is a Parcells-ism, a term Bill Parcells popularized among Cowboys fans during his tenure as head coach in Dallas. The term initially referred to a prospect whom a coach, scout or owner had taken a particular liking to, often based on little more than a whim, and whom they would then try to draft, regardless of what the scouting consensus was.

Among Cowboys fans, pet cat has since come to refer to a player who is a bubble player (even making the practice squad is often considered pet cat success) and is commonly selected from the very bottom of the roster where you'll find late-round draft picks, undrafted free agents or even street free agents. The pet cat is often - and preferably - chosen without the slightest factual or quantifiable basis. In fact, some would argue that you do not choose your pet cat, your pet cat chooses you.

Every year, the BTB front-page writers select their pet cats. Last year, KD Drummond picked Lance Dunbar and I picked Ronald Leary. Both picks are still on the roster so that's some good mojo right there.

Rabblerousr and Archie Barberio both picked Adrian Hamilton and Coty Saxman picked Eddie Whitley; neither player made the final roster. Tom Ryle picked Danny Coale, who suffered a stress fracture in his foot during OTAs, was sidelined for parts of camp with a quad injury and then tore his ACL during practice in November. So these guys have to be a little more careful with their picks this year, while Tom doesn't get to pick at all.

Archie: Brandon Magee, LB, ASU

Out of the undrafted litter, he's got the best chance to make this football team and actually produce. If not for the Achilles injury and baseball concerns, I believe Magee would've been a third or fourth-round pick. A tremendous athlete from a large conference and elite production is hard to find in the undrafted market. Magee is great for depth at all three linebacker positions, but this kid has the talent and athletic ability to become a starting linebacker in the NFL.

OCC: Jakar Hamilton, S, South Carolina State

I called instant pet cat dibs on Hamilton as soon as his visit to Dallas was announced in early April, and I see no reason to change. At his Pro Day workout, the 5-foot-11, 186-pounder ran the 40 in 4.51 seconds and posted a 40 1/2 inch vertical leap. He only bench-pressed 225 pounds seven times, but had a 4.32 20-yard shuttle and a 6.93 three-cone drill. Hamilton is a hybrid defensive back with experience at both corner and safety. His best bet to make the team will come via special teams, and if he hangs around, he could be an effective player down the road.

KD Drummond: Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State

Randle's ability to slide right into the running back rotation means that he will get plenty of opportunities. His pass blocking skill means it will include crucial 3rd down situations. Throw in Murray's injury history and we have a winner.

Coty Saxman: Kendial Lawrence, RB, Missouri

Kendial Lawrence has the speed, small size, and playmaking-behind-bad-OLines ability that make him an excellent choice as a change-of-pace back for the Cowboys. Sure, they drafted Joseph Randle, but Randle's lack of speed make him more of a guy to absorb punishment in Murray's absence than a guy who will become a threat to score from anywhere like Murray and Lawrence.

Joey Ickes, B. W. Webb, CB, Wlliam & Mary

We have all witnessed Orlando Scandrick looking all over getting turned around as Victor Cruz or another slot receiver catches the ball for an important first down late in a big game. Or we've seen the ball fly right over his shoulder as he doesn't get his head around in coverage. Combine these items with his relatively large salary, and fans everywhere have been screaming for a replacement. That guy is finally on the Cowboys roster. B.W Webb from William and Mary is a slot CB with what Bryan Broaddus calls "rare" quickness as exhibited by his 3.84 20 yd shuttle time, who also has great ball skills (8 INTs his Freshman year, before teams stopped throwing at him). He's a willing tackler who will come up, pop you, and wrap up to finish the hit. My feeling is that he's stealing snaps from Scandrick by mid season and makes #32 expendable next off-season.

rabblerousr: Brandon Magee, LB, ASU

In writing up profiles on all the Cowboys draft targets, several of them jumped out at me, usually because of their attitude or approach to the game. Magee was one of these; not only is he a terrific athlete, but he's a passionate, charismatic player, who was the Sun Devils' undisputed leader, both on the field and in the clubhouse. In the comments section of my profile on Magee, one of our readers, Az St Cowboy (who I would assume knows a bit about ASU football) wrote: " If you’re looking for the RKG, he is that in spades. He is credited with being the leader of the D and some would argue the entire team last year, leading them through a challenging transition from Dennis Ericksson's laid back system to Todd Graham’s more disciplined RKG mentality. At worst he’d be a great teams guy..." With the transition to Kiffin's 4-3, the team needed to rebuild its linebacking unit (I believe both Kyle Wilber and Alex Albright will line up at DE in 2013), and targeted undersized guys who play with quickness and intensity and who excel in coverage. That's Magee. There's a reason they offered him a 70,000 signing bonus...

After the events of last season, known as the Legend of the Goatmouth and normally spoken of only in hushed tones after making the sign of the cross and spitting three times on a picture of John Mara, Tom Ryle has withdrawn into seclusion. All rumors that he is busy channeling his prodigious amounts of bad juju into cursing the NFC East opponents are, of course, ridiculous. However, he is asking if anyone knows who handles the trash pickup for the locker rooms of the Eagles, Giants and Redskins, and if someone can spare him a box of extra long pins.

Now that you've seen which players the BTB writers have picked as their pet cats, check out the up-to-the-minute Cowboys roster below and tell us:

Who is your pet cat to make the roster this year?

Name POS Name POS
2012 53-man roster Injured Reserve
1 Albright, Alex LB 48 Bass, Ben DT
2 Arkin, David G 49 Brent, Josh DT
3 Austin, Miles WR 50 Carter, Bruce LB
4 Bailey, Dan K 51 Church, Barry S
5 Beasley, Cole WR 52 Coale, Danny WR
6 Bernadeau, Mackenzy G 53 Costa, Phil C
7 Bryant, Dez WR 54 Johnson, Matt S
8 Callaway, Robert DT 55 Jones, Chris P
9 Carr, Brandon CB 56 Lee, Sean LB
10 Claiborne, Morris CB 57 McSurdy, Caleb LB
11 Cook, Ryan C/G 58 Scandrick, Orlando CB
12 Crawford, Tyrone DE Reserve/Future
13 Dunbar, Lance RB 59 Armstrong, Anthony WR
14 Free, Doug OT 60 Benford, Tim WR
15 Hanna, James TE 61 Cochart, Colin TE
16 Harris, Dwayne WR 62 Dominguez, Ray G
17 Hatcher, Jason DT 63 Green, Jared WR
18 Kowalski, Kevin C 64 Hayden, Nick DT
19 Ladouceur, L.P. LS 65 Hughlett, Charley LS
20 Leary, Ronald G 66 Igbinosun, Ikponmwosa DT
21 Lissemore, Sean DE 67 Mitchell, Carlton WR
22 Livings, Nate G 68 Price, Brian DT
23 McCray, Danny S 69 Sheffield, Cameron LB
24 Moore, Sterling CB 70 Simmons, Aderious T
25 Murray, DeMarco RB 71 Smith, Andre TE
26 Orton, Kyle QB 72 Stephens, Nick QB
27 Parnell, Jermey OT 73 Taylor, Monte DT
28 Ratliff, Jay DT 74 Underwood, Brandon CB
29 Romo, Tony QB 75 Pellerin, Micah S
30 Sims, Ernie LB UDFAs
31 Smith, Tyron OT 76 Benton, Spencer K
32 Spencer, Anthony LB 77 Brewer, Xavier CB
33 Tanner, Phillip RB 78 Freedman, Paul TE/FB
34 Vickers, Lawrence FB 79 Hamilton, Jakar FS
35 Ware, DeMarcus LB 80 Harris, Dustin CB/KR
36 Weems, Darrion OT 81 Heath, Jeff SS
37 Wilber, Kyle LB 82 Herd, Greg WR
38 Witten, Jason TE 83 Lacy, Deon LB
Free Agent Acquisitions 84 Lawrence, Cameron LB
39 Allen, Will S 85 Lawrence, Kendial RB
40 Durant, Justin LB 86 Magee, Brandon LB
Draft Picks 87 Reed, Tank LB
41 Escobar, Gavin TE 88 Rogers, Eric WR
42 Frederick, Travis OC 89 Smith, Devin CB
43 Holloman, DeVonte LB 90 Williams, Dalton QB
44 Randle, Joseph RB TBC
45 Webb, B.W. CB xx Stewart, B.J. TE
46 Wilcox, J.J. S xx Charlie Bryant
47 Williams, Terrance WR xx Darrin Moore WR

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