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"Second Chance" Players Eligible For Cowboys Rookie Minicamp

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Several players acquired by Dallas before the draft will be joining the rookies at their minicamp.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN's Todd Archer has a list of the players who will be able to attend the Dallas Cowboys rookie minicamp although they are not rookies themselves. Without getting into all the legalese of the CBA, these are basically practice squad players (either with Dallas or elsewhere) who have at most a couple of games total on an NFL 53 man roster, and have been signed to contracts with the Cowboys for this year's camp. The league allows them to attend the minicamp to improve their chances of competing for a roster spot this year. There is also, I believe, a special rule to allow extra quarterbacks to participate.

The list:

  • G Ron Leary
  • WR Tim Benford
  • G Charlie Bryant
  • T Aderious Simmons
  • WR Jared Green
  • QB Nick Stephens
  • LS Charlie Hughlett
  • DT Monte Taylor
  • DE Ikponwmosa Igbinosun
  • S Micah Pellerin

Most of these players are going to be camp bodies, although personally I think it would be fun if Igbinosun made the team, just to hear the announcers try to get his name right. That is in no way any indication whatsoever of petness or felinity regarding my opinion of him.

I think Hughlett is going to come to camp every year until L.P. Ladouceur retires, and then get a chance to take his place.

If anyone is going to be heavily scrutinized in this bunch, it is Ron Leary. Definitely a pet . . . uh, favorite UDFA of Jerry Jones, he got some significant guaranteed money ($214,000). This is going to be the year he either provides a return on the investment or heads on down the road. He certainly has a chance, with the team looking for improvement in the middle of the line. The LG in particular is going to be there for the best man available. Travis Frederick will get one interior position, almost certainly center, and Mackenzy Bernadeau is believed to have a leg up at RG. Nate Livings, although expensive to cut, is from a talent perspective the most vulnerable. The team is also looking for quality depth. It is an opportunity, but also a challenge since all the other guard candidates are going to be fighting to take the remaining roster spots.

Another player that may have a chance to be in the mix is Tim Benford, who was believed to have just missed out on making the squad last year to Cole Beasley. There are going to be at least two and possibly three WR spots that are wide open this year, and Benford's experience with the system may be just the edge he needs.

There is one other name that should be on this list that is going to compete with Benford and Beasley for a wide receiver job, but Danny Coale is still recovering from his ACL. He is expected to make it back for the OTAs and the full minicamp.

However, after thinking about him and the Legend of the Goatmouth, I will be wailing, gnashing my teeth, rending my garments, and pouring ashes upon my head. Just in case.