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This is the first of several posts where I will take a look at what being "The Right Kind of Guy" entails.

Those of us who have followed the Dallas Cowboys are well aware that Jason Garrett targets a specific type of player that he terms the Right Kind of Guy. Not only does he look for a player that has the physical attributes and talent to compete at the games highest level, but Garrett also looks for a player with the character to be a true champion. Although Jason would not come out and say this specifically, he is looking for guys with a similar mentality and approach to the game that he himself demonstrated as a player. I call that approach The Way of the Rooster. Lets take a look at what the way entails.

First and foremost, those who follow the way have a deep rooted love of football. The right kind of guy lives to play the game. He is the type of player who will spend nineteen years of his life as a back up and scout team quarterback, even though he knows that there will be few Sundays where he actually gets on the field. He enjoys being a football player, and on those rare occasions that he is given an opportunity to take the field, he plays with a passion and desire that only comes from a deep love and respect of the game.

A strong second trait to the disciple of the Rooster is that he is both a team player and a good teammate. He gives his all to make the combined product greater than the sum of its parts. He is the type of guy who willingly gives his own free time to help a much more talented teammate refine his skills. He spends countless hours throwing passes to help one of the stars of the team as he works to perfect his route running skills and develop his hands. The RKG knows that this devotion will eventually lead to success for both his team and for his teammate. He derives his own satisfaction from knowing his contributions, while little known, have a tremendous impact.

The third and forth tenets of the way go hand in hand. The Right Kind of Guy devotes himself to maximizing what physical gifts that he was blessed with. He puts in the time to develop himself physically and to refine his skills to their highest level. He is ready to play when the opportunity arises. He also knows that the mental aspects of the game are equally important, so he devotes himself to the tireless study of film. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of both his team and his opponent. The right kind of guy is mentally read to meet the challenge. Because he has prepared himself, he will one day take the field and write his own chapter into the lore of America's Team.

The final characteristic of those who follow The Way of the Rooster is that he is a leader. He may not be vocal; yet he inspires others. He sets an example for those around him to follow by his own ethic. Others see the time he spends on developing those around him, the hours he devotes to film study, and the fact that he will not be outworked. He is prepared for whatever may come his way. Because of this effort he is ready when it is his turn to be "the next man up".

Although his accomplishments as a player may not have matched up to his dreams, Jason Garrett proved himself to be the consummate Right Kind of Guy throughout his playing career. He was the type of player that he now looks for to make up his team. By originating the Way of the Rooster, Coach Garrett has set the tone for what his vision of the Dallas Cowboys will be, His devotion to being what he was as a player is the inspiration for what he now expects his guys to be.

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