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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Miles Austin's Value, Coach Henderson Keeping It Real, More

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Latest Dallas Cowboys Headlines: ESPN's Todd Archer argues that Miles Austin's value goes beyond a bunch of stats, secondary coach Jerome Henderson apparently doesn't think much about hypng his players and Brandon George of the DMN provides a snapshot of the O-line-in-progress.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Rabblerousr's story on the leaked Cowboys draft board was hands down the story of the day yesterday and elicited a lot of commentary. But it's not like nothing else happened in Cowboys Nation. Now that our servers have cooled down from yesterday's onslaught, let's take a look at what other headlines the Cowboys produced yesterday:

Miles Austin's value to Dallas Cowboys goes beyond numbers - ESPN Dallas
Todd Archer writes that hamstring issues and contract aside, Miles Austin is still a productive receiver for Cowboys, and that while it may appear that the writing is on the wall for Austin, his value is apparent if you dig just slightly deeper. Archer concludes:

"Maybe the writing is on the wall for Austin, but maybe some people should read it more carefully."

Jerome Henderson: S Matt Johnson is no different than other rookies - Star-Telegram
Secondary Coach Jerome Henderson apparently doesn't think much about hyping his players. After rookie minicamp he said J.J. Wilcox was "light years away" from contributing, and now he's pouring some ice-cold water on the Matt Johnson hype:

"He is a rookie. He is not just like a rookie, he is a rookie. In my book he is rookie just like all the other rookies."

Jerome Henderson is keeping it real.

How Cowboys’ offensive line is shaping up through the first two weeks of practices - DMN
Brandon George gives an overview of what's what on the O-line, and it looks like the only locks for starting jobs right now are Tyron Smith at left tackle and Travis Frederick at center. This week, Livings and Leary rotated at left guard, Arkin took first team snaps at right guard and Free and Parnell rotated at right tackle.

2013 NFL season over/under win totals: NFC picks -
After the Cowboys got a lot of love recently as potential playoff contenders, Will Brinson of CBS Sports is tapping the brakes and thinks the Cowboys will end up 8-8. Again.

Jerry Jones' team still terrifies me with a patchwork line, regardless of how important he thinks it is. And while the defense is stacked with talent including Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Bruce Carter and Sean Lee to name a few, the shift to Monte Kiffin's 4-3 Tampa-2 is a major, major question. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant should put up major points but I'm earmarking another .500 season.

Greatest Coaches in NFL History - No. 13: Jimmy Johnson - ESPN
Jimmy Johnson makes ESPN's list of coaching legends at No. 13. They'd better have some pretty darn good coaches above Johnson to place him just one spot ahead of Eli-whisperer Tom Coughlin.

Dwayne Harris not ready to concede No. 3 WR to rookie Terrance Williams - DMN
Harris earned the No. 3 position the old-fashioned way by working for it, and he has no plans to hand over the spot to Terrance Williams, who joined the Cowboys with a 3rd-round pedigree and as the nation's leading college receiver.

"Every year, you have to fight for your job," Harris said. "They’re always drafting new guys. Every year you don’t know who they’re going to draft. When you see a receiver get drafted, you just have to go out there and do your job. Everybody has to work for what they want, so I guess that’s what it is."

Draft Profile: DeVonte Holloman - Bob Sturm
Bob Sturm concludes his series on Cowboys draft picks with a profile on linebacker DeVonte Holloman, who Sturm sees as a day one special teamer with potential down the road:

"Holloman is just the type of guy who goes off the board at this point in the draft because he just might satisfy your needs for now and hopes for down the road. Now, he should be able to step right in and fill a jersey on game day, without playing defensive snaps (health pending, of course) and contribute on 20 special teams plays. For the future, he might be able to develop into the type of guy you could see starting at "SAM" linebacker if a vacancy presents itself. "


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