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Your Newest Dallas Cowboys Are On Twitter

Wonder how many of the Cowboys' most recent player additions are on Twitter? We check out who is and isn't tweeting these days.

Jasper Juinen

Whether you like it or not, Twitter has worked its way into our football lives, to the point where it has become a powerful new form of media. And it is a platform NFL players are embracing, including all seven Cowboys draft picks.

Here are the seven Cowboys draft picks, in the order they were selected in the 2013 NFL draft.

Not to be outdone, the Cowboys "eighth" draft pick, UDFA Brandon Magee, also joined the Twitter fray.

Here's a summary of the Cowboys' other undrafted free agents who've either been signed already or have been invited to Rookie Minicamp next weekend.

Name POS Twitter Handle
Benton, Spencer K @SpenLBen13
Brewer, Xavier CB @Xabrew9
Freedman, Paul TE/FB @paulyfree88
Hamilton, Jakar FS @JakarHamilton23
Harris, Dustin CB/KR @sleeper22
Heath, Jeff SS @jheath_5
Herd, Greg WR @herdofgreg
Lacy, Deon LB n.a.
Lawrence, Cameron LB @CamLaw10
Lawrence, Kendial RB @K_Lawrence4
Rogers, Eric WR @cluSWAG4
Smith, Devin CB @D_Smith10
Williams, Dalton QB @13dwilliams
Stewart, B.J. TE @Mr_NextLevel48
Darrin Moore WR @D_MO14
Hat tip to Danielle Dudley (‏@dndizzle) for
doing the legwork on most of these handles

And finally, to complete our Twitter roundup, this year's free agent signings Will Allen (@WillAllenWAF) and Justin Durant (@JDurant52) are also on Twitter.

If you haven't done so, welcome all of them to Dallas by giving them a follow.

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