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2013 NFL Draft: Highlight Videos Of The Newest Dallas Cowboys Defensive Players

Nothing gets one more excited than imagining what could be if everything were to come together.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

92 days until the Cowboys vs. Dolphins 2013 Hall of Fame Game.

I think I'm going to make that countdown a frequent addition to my articles, because I really can't wait. We obviously won't know exactly what it is that we brought into the fold until the game action starts. No matter what gets talked about during the mini-camps, OTAs and training camp... the real tests won't come until they are lining up and going head-to-head with players in different colored uniforms.

When those stars meet up with that fancy new Dolphin logo... that's when we will know it's real.

Until then? We can only hope and dream. We can pray that Romo gets in sync with his two new targets, Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams. We can wish upon a star that Travis Frederick puts an end to easy, up-the-middle-pressure. We can imagine what it would be like with both DeMarco Murray and Joseph Randle getting to the line of scrimmage, making one cut and running for freedom.

Being the generous guy that I am, I'd like to provide some visual aids to those imagination scenarios. So I hit the web and found some highlight videos of our newest additions. When we are evaluating prospects, highlight videos don't do us much good. However, when you're dreaming... you hold out hope that the best plays are what the newcomers will be able to do, and do frequently. Take a look at what could be.

Safety JJ Wilcox, Pick #80

CB BW Webb, Pick #114

Music: NSFW

LB Devonte Holloman, Pick #185

LB Brandon Magee, Draft-Grade UDFA

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