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Tyson Clabo To Sign With Miami; Cowboys Still Looking For Right Tackle Solution

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Multiple reports suggest right tackle Tyson Clabo will sign with the Miami Dolphins today. For the Cowboys, that means one less option at right tackle.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

According to a tweet by his agent Chad Speck, former Falcons right tackle Tyson Clabo is signing with the Miami Dolphins today.

There had been reports out of Valley Ranch that the Cowboys liked Clabo as a potential replacement for Doug Free - should the team not be able to reach an agreement on a pay cut with Free.

The agreement with Free still appears to be a way off, and there's now one less right tackle available for the Cowboys. Whether this means Free has gained a little leverage with the Cowboys remains to be seen, but with Bryant McKinnie re-signing with the Ravens, and Clabo now heading to Miami, the free agency market for a right tackle is shrinking.

Two names could potentially remain in the mix for the Cowboys: Eric Winston (29) and Winston Justice (28) could be available for around $3 million each, but it's not clear how much the Cowboys view either of the free agents as upgrades over Doug Free (29). The Cowboys have repeatedly and emphatically stated that they want Free to remain with the team, albeit at a reduced salary. But with the market for right tackles beginning to dry up, the Cowboys may not have much of a bargaining position left with Doug Free anymore.

Whether this could ultimately result in Free's outright release is anybody's guess. But for a team that just spent significant money on Romo's contract extension, invested this year's first round pick in an offensive lineman to give Romo "an extra half second" and spent even more picks to give Romo and the offense extra weapons, opening the season without a right tackle does not feel like a great solution.

Ultimately, this probably means we can expect Doug Free to remain the right tackle in Dallas, and the two sides are simply haggling over the price. And whether that is really a "solution" is an entirely different discussion.