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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: 'Fabulous' Tony Romo, Pro Bowl For Tyron Smith, More

Cowboys Headlines: Tony Romo has a 'fabulous' relationship with all wide receivers according to Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith is setting his sights for the Pro Bowl and beyond, and DeMarcus Ware details some of the injuries he played through last year.


Dez Bryant: Receivers' relationships with Tony Romo are 'fabulous' -
Dez Bryant says his evolving relationship with quarterback Tony Romo isn't unique just to them, but that all the receivers' relationships with Tony Romo are 'fabulous'.

Pro Bowl is still the goal for LT Tyron Smith - ESPN Dallas
As it should be.

Injured Arm Not The Only Pain Holding Ware Back Last Year -
Among the list of injuries DeMarcus Ware played through last year: a hamstring tear, a fractured wrist, a hyperextended elbow and a torn labrum in the shoulder - and those are just the injuries the article mentions.

"I still had my feet, being able to run," Ware said. "It was hard. But the thing is, it’s what you’re out there playing for. There was a passion of playing with your teammates and being part of the Dallas Cowboys organization."

Bigger Beasley Enters Season With Shoulder Issue Behind Him -
No, he didn't get taller in the offseason. But he did add about 10 pounds to his frame. Beasley enters the season healthy after suffering a shoulder injury in the last game of the season, and if the reports from the OTAs are anything to go by, he looks good (shaved head and all) for a roster spot: he hasn't dropped a single ball so far.

Pro Football Weekly says goodbye -
Sad news for football fans: Pro Football Weekly, founded in 1967, is no more. PFW got caught in the old media versus digital media battle and lost. Additionally, it looks like their brand of football reporting - covering actual football instead of putting out TMZ- style fluff - wasn't economically sustainable. This should be a little disconcerting for discerning football fans who prefer content over headlines.

New technology is next wave of scouting and analysis in NFL, if league allows it -
When it comes to technology, the NFL is not exactly a trendsetter. This article gives a nice overview of the latest technology available to, but only occasionally used by the NFL, such as optical recognition technology to track plays and more.

Five Teams that Need to Create Cap Space - Over the Cap
Over The Cap takes a look at five teams in the NFL that need to create more cap room between now and the start of the 2013 NFL season. In a shocking development, the Cowboys do not make the list! Instead, divison rivals Giants and Redskins feauture prominently, the Redskins because of the cap penalty, the Giants because they're "trying to give it one last go this year and have loaded their team up with Minimum Salary Benefit veterans and reworked contracts of some veteran players to try to keep the group as intact as possible." Watch for wholesale, salary-cap induced changes on the Giants roster in 2014.

Eagles outside linebackers still a mystery -
The first question any team should be able to answer before moving to a 3-4 is, "Who'll be the outside linebackers?" Looks like the Eagles haven't been able to answer that yet. Good luck with that 3-4.

Washington Redskins and the curse of the 10-win comeback season - National Football Post
From 2002 to 2011, 29 teams went from a losing record to a 10-win season. 26 of those 29 teams (89.6%) dropped to less than ten wins the year after. The NFP argues that the Redskins will be one of the 10-win teams from 2012 headed in the wrong direction in 2013.


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