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40 Days And 40 Nights Until BTB Makes It To Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

The Cowboys are running their mandatory mini this week, but the full camp is on everyone's mind.

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But it's not enough!

The Cowboys mandatory minicamp is open to the media for all three days, as compared to the single day per week of OTA coverage. Still, it's not enough. Media will descend upon Oxnard starting July 21st to give us their version of coverage of the Cowboys Training Camp. Still, it's not enough.

Blogging The Boys will be there giving you our version of Training Camp coverage. That might be enough... but we want more!

"You might want to have some more but your parents don't let you because there's only a little."


"We want more, we want more, like you really like it, you want more!"

Speaking from my own perspective, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the reports from O.C.C. and Rabblerousr last year. As we are asking for your help in augmenting the costs of their treks, I figured you would enjoy seeing some of the items that they reported on from last year's camps. Things that developed into telling storylines over the course of the 2012 season.

Training Camp 2012 gave us some great snippets, you can click on the headers to read the full reports.

Day 2

-Watching Dez Bryant perform on the field is incredible. This is a player who is extremely smooth yet incredibly powerful at the same time - and he knows it. His play oozes a self-confidence that borders on the intimidating. Plus the guy catches everything. Except punts. A Dez Bryant in this form will blow away the NFL when the season starts.

Day 5

-Football is a violent sport, and injuries are part of the game. Today, the Cowboys got more than their fair share of injuries.

-The injuries have been accumulating over the last couple of days. Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas noted earlier in the day that 15 players from the Cowboys' 90-man roster were not going to participate in today's practice for various reasons.

Day 6

-Is Ratliff done?: As Jay Ratliff's plantar fasciitis injury lingers, I can't help but think of other great players who suffer an injury, struggle with it, sometimes even playing for another year or so, before fading away. For Rat, I wonder: is this that moment? Is this that time when a proud warrior's body declares that it can no longer hold up to the unimaginable stress of interior line play? Have the rigors of the game finally won out in the battle with his indomitable spirit? It's not the kind of question that we want to contemplate, but for players at his age and position, it must be asked.

Both writers will be going on their own dime, so as usual, we're going to ask you, the BTB community, to help them out. Your response so far has been outstanding, however every penny counts! We've created a PayPal account and are asking for donations to cover the expenses associated with going to, and covering, training camp. So if you can pitch in $5, $10, $20 or however much you can spare, please jump in and do it. We'll really appreciate your help!

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