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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Preparing For Training Camp

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: We look at why Jason Garrett thinks the Cowboys are ready for training camp after a successful offseason program, how BTB will cover every practice in Oxnard, and learn how the term "sack" was coined.

Cowboys fans watching practice at last year's training camp in Oxnard.
Cowboys fans watching practice at last year's training camp in Oxnard.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Jason Garrett: Cowboys ready for training camp - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
The Dallas Cowboys wrapped up their offseason workouts on Thursday, and Jason Garrett thinks his team is ready for camp.

"I think we've had an outstanding offseason. You heard me say this a number of times. The attendance we've had in our offseason program was nearly 100 percent every day and certainly in the OTAs and minicamp and that's a reflection of the kind of commitment this football team has made."

"We've worked very hard. I think we've made progress. I think the younger players have improved in a very short period of time. The older players, the guys who have been here, are understanding some of the changes we've made that we think can benefit our football team and trying to understand what those changes are and get acclimated to them."

The Cowboys report to training camp in Oxnard on July 19, with the first practice scheduled for July 21.

BTB presence at Training Camp set - Blogging The Boys
Rabblerousr will cover the first 11 practices prior to the HoF game on Sunday, August 4th, OCC will ramble on about the remaining eight practices until camp breaks on Friday, August 16th.

Camp Wrap: DC.Com Staff Selects Minicamp Standouts -
There's something for everybody here as the staff drop 24 player names into their offseason workout summary.

Cowboys random thoughts - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Watkins also provides an offseason recap and one-ups the staff by dropping 25 player names into his summary.

Roommates B.W. Webb and J.J. Wilcox reveal each other’s secrets - Michael Florek, DMN
Webb and Wilcox were roomates at the NFL Combine, during their pre-draft visit to Dallas and will share a house in Dallas. And now they spill the beans on each other:

"He wakes up in the morning and he does this thing, like snorts," Webb said of Wilcox. "Every single morning. Every morning."

When told of Webb’s comments, Wilcox wasn’t pleased. "I have allergies, man," Wilcox said. He then went on the counter-attack. Wilcox said Webb has a penchant for singing in the shower.

"He thinks he’s Miley Cyrus or something," Wilcox said.

NFP Sunday Blitz: Monte Kiffin's coaching tree - National Football Post
People don’t often consider Kiffin when they talk about “coaching trees” because he always has been an assistant himself. But Kiffin’s coaching tree is a virtual Giant Redwood with six current or former head coaches sprouting from it.

Marv Levy on how the term "sack" was coined - Democrat and Chronicle
Mark this down as the Factoid of the Day: Marv Levy gets to the bottom of who coined the term 'sack.'

“I know exactly how the term was coined,’’ said Marv, 84, and doing well. “George was talking the night before in the team meeting about playing the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback, Craig Morton. The term had never been used. It was always ‘Tackle the QB for a loss.’ But the night before the game, George goes, ‘Before we play those Dallas Cowboys, we’re going to take that Morton salt and pour him into a sack.’ That was the inspiration for it.’’

The NFL believes the Read/Option is here to stay - The Sideline View
The read-option has been getting a lot of press this offseason. Tyler Oberly of The Sideline View reviewed and compiled over 300 read-option plays from last season and shares some of the numbers behind the read option.

Perry Fewell on the read-option: 'Understand it; then you can defend it' - Big Blue View
For New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, the read-option is a trend that may thrive -- and eventually falter -- much like the Wildcat.

"I think the college system has kind of taken hold in the National Football League. We have a lot of quarterbacks that have the ability to run and do that and I know that is coming into our league. It will be interesting to see," Fewell said during the recently-concluded mini-camp.

"I look at that offense kind of like the Wildcat. The Wildcat took us by storm and then until you can see it, understand it; then you can defend it."


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