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If You Could Have One Player From Each NFC East Team ...

If you could have one player from each NFC East team for the Cowboys' 2013 roster, which three would you pick?

Patrick McDermott

The Cowboys have just completed their offseason activities with the veteran minicamp last week, and most Cowboys fans, just like the fans of the 31 other NFL teams, are bullish about their team this year. But being bullish about your own team doesn't mean you don't recognize that other teams have talented players too.

So today, just as we did in the 2011 offseason and again in last year's offseason, we're going to ask you a very simple question about our NFC East division rivals:

If you could have one player from each NFC East team for the Cowboys' 2013 roster, which three would you pick?

Here are my picks:

  • Washington Redskins: Bum knee and all, my choice from the Redskins would be Robert Griffin. Not that I think Romo should be replaced, far from it, but I'm from the school of thought that if you have the chance at a franchise quarterback, you take it, no matter the cost. Incidentally, I do not think the Redskins overpaid for Griffin in the draft. Look at the contracts the top franchise quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers signed this offseason and you begin to understand the value of a franchise QB.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: From the Philly roster, I have to go with offensive guard Evan Mathis. This may not be a very sexy pick, but Mathis is probably the best player on the Eagles' roster. He has been PFF's highest ranked guard for two successive seasons, and last year graded out with +51.3, about twice as high as the next best guard with +24.2. Mathis happens to fit a need for the Cowboys, but if you have a chance to get a guy who's been playing at an All Pro level, you take him regardless of need.
  • New York Giants: There's nobody that immediately jumps out at me from this roster. Victor Cruz is making more headlines for his off-field antics than for his on-field play, Hakeem Nicks wasn't particularly effective last year and I'm not touching Eli Manning with a ten-foot pole. On a formerly formidable defense, there's not much to write home about either, so I'll pick Jason Pierre-Paul by default, in the vague hope that last year's 6.5 sacks were the exception to 2011's 16.5 sack rule, and not the (more likely) other way around.

Which players would you pick and why?


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