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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: LeSean McCoy Is A Tony Romo Fan, Dez Bryant's Growth, More

Dallas Cowboys headlines: LeSean McCoy expects Tony Romo to come in ahead of Joe Flacco on ESPN's top 100 player list, Dez Bryant is coming into his own as a player and a person, Anthony Spencer stood out at OTAs and may be up for a contract extension.

Ronald Martinez

Eagles' LeSean McCoy: I'm a Tony Romo fan; I would take him over Joe Flacco - DMN
The DMN transcribes part of LeSean McCoys appearance on the NFL Network, during which he discussed whether Tony Romo deserves to be on the top 100 list over Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco:

"I like Romo, actually. I'm a fan of certain players. I might not like the team, but I'm a fan of certain players. I actually think Romo and Matt make it (over Flacco). But obviously Flacco has to be in there because of the Super Bowl. I would take Matt, and I would take Romo. As a quarterback, if you don't feel that pressure of not having a great defense, where if you don't go out and produce on this drive, the other team may score. Knowing you have that great defense behind you, it's less pressure so you have to put that into effect."

For Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, the real man is starting to show - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Hill writes a niece piece in which he details Bryant's maturation over the last year, and concludes:

"The thing that the Cowboys and their fans should be most excited about is Bryant’s growth, maturity and continued focus on proving himself. Doing things right should manifest into a monster year on the field."

"[...] He has always been the best pure athlete on the team. Now he plays with a confidence of knowing that he is not only a freakish athlete but one who actually knows what he is doing."

Broaddus: Anthony Spencer was best player on the field at OTAs - DMN
Broaddus appeared on 105.3 The Fan earlier this week and the DMN transcribed some of the highlights of the interview, including what Broaddus had to say about Spencer:

“The player that’s been the best on the field, I think, has been Anthony Spencer. I will say this about him, I feel like Anthony Spencer, now with his hand on the ground, has got a shot. Him dropping and all that, fine, great. I think Anthony Spencer is a natural pass rusher. People are going to say, ‘Well, it’s (Doug) Free, it’s (Jeremy) Parnell.’ He’s been given those guys fits.”

Eight in the Box: Playing for a contract - Dan Graziano, ESPN Dallas
Graziano takes a look at one player on each NFC East team entering a contract year. For the Cowboys, he chooses Anthony Spencer and writes that If Spencer can "follow his best season with another excellent one, he'll likely be able to get the long-term deal he seeks." I think it's much more likely the Spencer and the team agree to a contract extension before July 15, rather than wait another year.

NFL's Top 100: Jason Witten at 41 -
I'm only including this here to fulfil my duties as the chronicler of all things Cowboys. The NFL's decision to post ten players once every week as they count up to the top ten has made this a drawn-out and boring process in which I've lost all interest.

Greatest Coaches in NFL History - Bill Parcells at No. 11 - ESPN
The Big Tuna gets his due.

Eagles CB Cary Williams misses OTAs for all sorts of interesting reasons - Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Among the reasons listed for Williams not attending voluntary workouts: His daughter's dance recital, dental work, house construction and his wedding.

Victor Cruz, Giants reportedly hit stalemate in contract talks -
Contract negotiations apparently hit a snag on Friday, as Cruz is looking for something in the $8 million per year range. Ed Werder summarized Cruz's situation:

"The issue here is that Cruz is one of the dominant slot receivers in football. But none of the slot receivers in the NFL rank among the top-salaried receivers. It's all outside receivers. So he's put in a situation with his agent Tom Condon, they've gotta convince the Giants that he should make more money than say, Wes Welker."

Of seven 49ers players, only Colin Kaepernick can spell "Nnamdi Asomugha" - Yahoo! Sports
This whole college degree thing seems to be vastly overrated.


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