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On The Chalkboard: Four Verticals

What is my favorite route combination? One that can be used against any coverage in any down and distance situation effectively? I'm so glad you asked... Let's go to the chalk board to talk it out.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A Few Notes To Remember:

  • 4 Verticals or All Go, means exactly what it says, everyone goes vertical up the field at 4 land marks spaced across the field.
  • This concept can be run from a 2x2 or 3x1 formation with a small adjustment by the #3 man on the trips side.
  • The All Go puts a horizontal stretch on the defense, forcing defenders to decide whether to go left or right to defend a route.
  • From a 2x2 set the front-side seam route converts to a post if he see's MOFO (Middle of Field Open) which would indicate Cover 2, Cover 4 or Cover 6.
  • The outside routes covert to Comebacks, or Back Shoulder throws vs Cover 0. If the CB turns his back to the ball the QB is taught to throw the ball through the back of the CB's head, which puts it in perfect position for the back shoulder catch by the WR.
  • The Outside releases are absolutely required vs any coverage to insure proper spacing down the field.
  • This is not a Long Bomb, Hail Mary type play. It is a timing based throw up the seams or to the outside.
  • The immediate vertical threat often creates significant room for the RB or 5th WR underneath on option or crossing routes.
Be on the look out soon for the first in my extensive series of videos and posts on the Read Option. In the mean time check out the Prequel.

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