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SB Nation Talks To Rookie Receiver Terrance Williams

Some rookie NFL players are participating in the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere. SB Nation is covering the event and produced this video of an interview with Terrance Williams.

Recently, the Dallas Cowboys were able to get a deal done with third-round pick Terrance Williams. The rookie wide receiver from Baylor was fortunate, he gets to start his professional career in his hometown. The Cowboys have high hopes for Williams, who will battle for playing time behind starters Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. Williams should get plenty of opportunities at playing time if he can master the playbook and learn to run his routes with precision.

In the video, Williams talks about his early priorities that include mastering the playbook so that he can play with speed and not have to think about what he is doing. He also discusses the coaching staff instilling the need for accountability and how the veterans are helping him with his routes and how to use his hands. As a bonus, he briefly discusses his old college teammate, Robert Griffin III. Even though they're rivals now, they remain close friends.

Enjoy the video.

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