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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: They Said What ?!?


Tom Pennington

DeMarco Murray with only a two- or three-year window? -
Evan Silva discusses every NFC team in his June Team-by-Team NFC Notes and has some disconcerting thoughts about DeMarco Murray:

Much like Darren McFadden, however, Murray is a stiff, straight-linish, high-cut back who will likely always struggle with injury. This was one longtime NFL scout's assessment of Murray coming out of Oklahoma in 2011: "If you don't have the ability to make guys miss, you're going to take a lot of punishment. A downhill, one-cut runner might only have a two- or three-year window. This is not an elusive guy who has a lot of shift to his game."

Tate would give Harbaugh 'the Sean Lee treatment' -
Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate referenced Sean Lee when asked what he would do if we were line up across from 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

The "Sean Lee treatment" refers to a viscous blind-side block Tate threw on Dallas' middle linebacker, a hit that was so hard it sent Lee into the air and onto his backside, briefly knocking him out of the game. After the hit, Tate celebrated the hit by strutting and flexing his muscles while Lee was still on the ground.

Tate was subsequently fined by the NFL, and the fact that he still takes pride in that hit further cements the NFC West's hold on the title of douchiest division in the NFL.

ESPN still identifies "Pacman" Jones As a Former Dallas Cowboy - Deadspin
Deadspin has a video segment that aired on ESPN in which Adam Jones is identified as a "former Dallas Cowboy". In a tumultuous NFL career that began in 2005, Jones has played in 60 games, but in only nine for the Cowboys. He has been a member of the Bengals for three years, played for the Titans for two years, but only played part of one season for the Cowboys. Perhaps ESPN was unaware of these facts. But I don't think so.

She said "Yes!" to Cowboys LB Alex Albright ...

Red Bank's Tim Benford eyes breakout NFL season -
Tim Benford sat out OTAs after arthroscopic knee surgery but will be good to go by training camp. And Benford, who spent 2012 on the Cowboys practice squad, is looking for a "breakout season" this year and knows that complacency is not an option:

"Everybody is trying to eat, they're coming for your job everyday. You gotta stay hungry everyday. Just hungry and ready," said Benford.

"I'm gonna keep going until my tank runs out. Until they kick me off the field, I'm gonna give them all I got. Every time I get on the field I'm gonna keep pushing. I want it, I want it for my family. I just want to change lives that's all."

Theismann defends the Redskins name - ProFootballTalk
Theisman thinks he's helping out in the name debate, but is doing the exact opposite.

"I can just tell you that when I put that uniform on, and I put that helmet on with the Redskin logo on it, I felt like I was representing more than the Washington Redskins, I was representing the great Native American nations that exist in this country."

Did Aikman feel like he was representing people on horseback herding and tending cattle? Did Daunte Culpepper feel a particular kinship for people of Scandinavian descent? Did Phil Simms worry about the plight of vertically unchallenged people? I don't think so. So why would Theisman feel that way about the Redskins team name? Unless...


Profound thoughts from Cowboys players:


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