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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Training Camp Battles: Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Nothing beats a good ol' open competition for your livelihood. We take a look at the top battles that will be played out in Oxnard.


Back to back... take ten paces... and then draw.

The Cowboys players might as well take it as old school as possible. Training camp battles are the elixir that's needed for the hardcore football fans' jonesing for some action. Fans everywhere are starved for football to return and have been for a while. Truth be told though, many fans will be excited come mid-July and then see that interest peak and wane rather quickly.

They love to hear football news, but you know what training camp is, don't you Allen Iverson?


That gets boring for a lot of casual fans, very quickly. Once the preseason starts, you get another uptick, but then casual fans tire of only seeing one true game where the starters play more than a handful of series, normally the third game, although that may change for Dallas seeing how they have five exhibitions in 2013 thanks to the Hall of Fame Game, August 4th against Miami.

But not for the BTBer! We are dedicated, obsessed, brainwashed by all things Dallas Cowboys. We love practice, and wish that we could be there in person. We want to hear any and everything there is to know about what is happening.

So for that purpose, and to try and convert some of those casual fans into diehards that eat, sleep and drink Cowboys, I've created this video to break down what I believe are the Top 5 Training Camp Battles. If you have a moment, sit back and enjoy it with me.


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