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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Jason Witten Wants A Super Bowl, Who Is The Face Of The Cowboys, More

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Jason Witten would like to hold up the Lombardi Trophy, Anthony Spencer is probably playing his last season for the Cowboys, and a blog suggests DeMarcus Ware is the face of the Cowboys.


Anthony Spencer and the one-year deal - Dan Graziano, ESPN Dallas
Graziano summarizes the Spencer contract situation and surmises Spencer is very probably playing his last season for the Cowboys.

"Bottom line: Unless he has a bad year or gets hurt and they can bring him back cheaply, Spencer's likely not a Cowboy long-term. Two consecutive years of franchise tags have inflated his salary starting point, and if he plays well in 2013 he'll be a hot free-agent commodity, especially as someone who'll have demonstrated the ability to rush the passer in a 3-4 defense as well as a 4-3. "

Jason Witten says he'll be 'holding up that Lombardi Trophy' NY - DMN
Witten was recently honored in his home town (they have a "Jason Witten Day" there) and while speaking to a crowd gathered for the ceremony, Witten said:

"This is a great kickoff to the 2013 NFL season. And when I'm standing in New York some early February day, holding up that Lombardi Trophy with snow coming down on my face, I'll thank each and everyone of you here that allowed me to have Jason Witten Day."

Is it worth breaking things, just to fix them with Dallas Cowboys Duck Tape? -
Of course it is.

Brad Sham: Rob Ryan's gone, but here's how his stay in Dallas is still paying off for Cowboys - DMN
Out of sight, out of mind? Not so fast, says Brad Sham:

"I think Rob's a good coach. I think they'll be better off in a different scheme. But I also think some of the coaches Rob brought here who stayed..Eberflus, Henderson, Bloom...those guys are huge assets and I'm glad they stayed."

Who is the Face of every franchise in the NFL? - Windy City Gridiron
Interesting question by our SB Nation sister site for the Chicago Bears. Who do you think is the face of the franchise for the Cowboys, Tony Romo or perhaps Jason Witten? Is it too early for Dez Bryant? WCG opts for DeMarcus Ware:

"The first face I think of when I think about the Cowboys is owner Jerry Jones, and the second is Tony Romo. But the more I think about it, the more the consistently great DeMarcus Ware comes to mind."

The Ever-Flawed NFL 100 - Grantland
Bill Barnwell breaks down the numerous flaws in the NFL Top 100 list.

NCAA labels Chip Kelly a cheater - Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog
Graziano summarizes succinctly: "I know that the vast majority of Philadelphia Eagles fans won't care." Right on cue, the headline on BGN, the SB Nation sites for Eagles fans, reads 'Chip Kelly "sanctioned" by NCAA for recruiting violations.' Notice the quotation marks.


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