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Cowboys FanPost Of The Week: Making Like The FPWs

This edition of the FanPost of the Week honors posts from our members that, in form, content, or tone, echo the work of specific front page writers.

Should this man be given more credit for the Valley Ranch culture shift?
Should this man be given more credit for the Valley Ranch culture shift?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all, and welcome to another edition of the beloved FanPost of the Week awards show, which will review the best and brightest from the past two weeks on BTB's FP pages. Whenever I read through the FanPost pages, I'm struck by the fact that so many of the posts one finds there are "front page worthy"; this time around, I experienced this again, but with a curious depth: not only were the posts that we're honoring this time around deserving of the front page, but they reminded me of the work of the very best of our FPWs.

With this in mind, I'd like to review each of these fine FPs through the lens of the front page scribe with whom I have associated it. Lets start with...

KD Drummond: KD is our resident Swiss Army knife: he can do any kind of post, and do it well. One of his specialties is to unpack a given moment or media-saturated event with sobriety and care. Last weekend, The Real Dirk Gently, who has been posting with astonishing frequency of late, went all KD on us, with a piece that looked back with great objectivity at a moment from the 2013 draft that we as Cowboys fans have had difficulty seeing objectively: the much-ballyhooed trade out of the 18th pick. Dirk examines all the evidence and concludes that "there's absolutely no reason to believe the trade down was a mad, last minute decision and every reason to believe the sudden push to get Floyd was exactly that"--i.e., a sudden push. In other words, the trade was a sober, thought-out affair, and the team's scouts' Floyd-grabbing frenzy was the chaos thrust into it. Kind of goes against the popular Jerry-is-crazy media narrative, eh? Sounds to me like something KD might do...

One Cool Customer: Sure, O.C.C. is the living embodiment of the Internet, able to reproduce extensive spreadsheets in a microsecond. But he's also a funny guy with a terrific sense of humor, evident in his famous "fear the star" posts. Taking a page from the book of Cool is Tennessee Jed, who gifts us with a hilarious tongue-in-cheek version of "news from camp," in which he offers up a slew of comic gems, such as:

In thinking about the ways in which groups of animals are classified (such as a "Pride of Lions," a "Parliament of Owls," a "Gaggle of Geese," etc.) Roger Goodell and the NFL offices have decided to begin experimenting with "classifying" NFL teams in similar fashion for marketing purposes. The NFC East is the first Division to garner team-specific classification by the NFL marketing gurus and it will be as follows: a "Prison of Eagles," for Philadelphia, a "Sewer of Giants" for the NYG, and a "Klan of Redskins" for the Washington Indigenous Peoples. The League is considering a "Champion of Cowboys" for Dallas but has yet to finalize the details.

He also has a remark about Travis Frederick and Phil Costa that caused Cheerios to come out of my nose...much the same effect that O.C.C.'s funny posts have had on me in the past.

Joey Ickes: As you well know form his recent "whiteboard" video posts, Joey is our resident "Xs and Os" guy, boasting a remarkable understanding of a given play's formation, assignment, and intent. In the past couple of weeks, Blue-Eyed Devil has authored a pair of superb posts in an Ickesian vein. The first of these breaks down the zone read; the second shows how a lot of defensive coaches are adapting to stopping it, by using a "scrape exchange." Both posts cogently articulate a play's underlying principles, and offer clear video evidence of those principles in action. I haven't learned so much about that aspect of the game since Joey's last chalkboard piece!

Tom Ryle: Tom churns out high-quality work on a wide variety of topics; perhaps his greatest claim to fame is his careful scrutiny of the team's management in general, and of Jason Garrett in particular. This week, DawnMacelli takes home FPOTW laurels by crafting a piece much in line with Tom's fine work. After a twitter exchange, she was inspired to pen a FanPost daring to ask the question: should Jerry Jones be given credit for the culture shift we've seen take place at Valley Ranch? In response, she offers several talking points in support of a claim that he should, from "Grooming the Heir" to "Being Tolerant." To my mind, it's this last one that is the key - but you should read it yourself and make up your own mind.

Any time one of our FPWs can dispel one of the local media's knee-jerk creations, I'm all for it (one of the many reasons I love what Tom provides). For doing so in the FanPost pages, sexililkitti Dawn now has a bright, shiny Rabbie to proudly place on her mantle, next to the signed pictures of Chuck Howley and Ralph Neely.

Congrats to all our honorees. Wanna join them? Sharpen yer pencils and get a-writin', people!


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