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Josh Brent Back In Jail After Second Failed Drug Test

Any questions about Josh Brent having a future with the Cowboys are being answered negatively - by Brent himself.

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Josh Brent is behind bars again, and likely to stay there for at least a while.

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent was booked into the Dallas County Jail on Thursday afternoon after allegedly failing a second drug test while awaiting trial on intoxication manslaughter charges in the death of his former teammate and friend Jerry Brown Jr. - Mike Fisher |

Brent was two days away from a hearing to determine if a previous failed test was justification for revoking or raising his bond. Now he will probably have to sit in jail until his trial, or at least until a rescheduled hearing on July 19. Certainly, Brent is doing nothing to aid his own case.

The downward spiral he is on seems puzzling. It is impossible to know what is going on inside his mind, but that doesn't stop rampant speculation. One theory I saw on Twitter may have some merit.

At one time, the sad saga of Brent and the intoxicated manslaughter charges stemming from the death of Brown was the scandal of the NFL. Lately, of course, a much more severe scandal has erupted around Aaron Hernandez, now a former member of the New England Patriots. After he was booked on first degree murder and weapons charges Wednesday, news is now out that this all may be related to a 2012 double homicide, which might also involve a vehicle rented by Hernandez.

And as is to be expected with media that always looks for a Dallas Cowboys angle, there have been many attempts to draw parallels between the Brent and Hernandez situations. They both involve tragic deaths and players making really, really bad decisions. But outside of that, they are almost totally different.

While Hernandez now may wind up being accused of being a serial murderer, Brent made a horrible but all too common mistake in thinking he could drive after drinking heavily. He is now compounding it with even more mistakes in judgement. And he is paying the price.

Another aspect of the situation is that Brent is still technically on the Cowboys roster. After Hernadez was arrested the New England Patriots, in what was believed to be a preplanned move, immediately cut him. Dallas has been continually criticized for not doing the same with Brent, but the situation was still significantly different. Not only was Brent charged with a crime that is seen as significantly less heinous, but the victim's mother made a personal plea to the Cowboys to help Brent through his crisis. And there is, or at least was, a chance that Brent might have gotten probation and been able to continue his football career. The team has decided that the decision does not need to be made at this point. A couple of thoughts from others about this struck me as worth sharing.

It really comes down to the perceived damage to the team. The Cowboys probably feel that there is no further damage that can be done here, and they are willing to let things play out until they are forced to make a decision, by either the NFL calendar, the league taking action against Brent, or the legal system making him ineligible to play. New England had no real choice, especially if they were tipped off before hand to the seriousness of the charges, as is widely rumored.

The Cowboys' choices are shrinking, and it is only a matter of time and making sure the CBA is followed until a cut happens. Brent's own actions are making it more and more certain that his career in the NFL, or at least in Dallas, is now over. It is sad, and truly a tragedy. But, as we have seen in recent days, not the most horrible thing that can happen.

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