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Community Friday: Who's Your Runner-Up To The Dallas Cowboys?

You eat, sleep and breathe the Cowboys...but do you have room in your heart for another?


We know you're dedicated. Kool-aid gulper or realist, optimist or pessimist... at the bottom of it all we are all die-hard Cowboys fans. How else can you explain hanging out on a dedicated Cowboys blog on a Friday evening?

Dave's done a world-class job of creating this community, but let's not try and fool ourselves. You're here first and foremost because you're a Cowboys fans. If you weren't here, the best place to get your Cowboys fix on the interwebz, you'd probably be somewhere talking football.

But outside of your heartfelt passion for the Blue and Silver, for the star every hater should fear... most of us are fans of the game, not just the team. Dallas takes a bye week, and in a moment of honesty we can all admit that our post-season history hasn't been what we are accustomed to over the last couple of decades. The question on this Community Friday is, who do you root for when the Cowboys aren't playing?

I have a second-favorite NFL team. They are the 1A to the 1 for the Cowboys to me. I tend to cheer them loud and obnoxiously, and become highly frustrated when they let me down. I don't really support them monetarily; that would be pretty difficult to do. I can only think of a handful of rare occasions when I didn't root for this team. Their name?

The "______ vs." in every Washington Redskins matchup, of course! If the Cowboys aren't playing at the same time, I'm right in front of my TV cheering on whomever is lining up across the way from those ugly, red and yellow jerseys. Unless of course the opponent is the Eagles or the Giants, then I'm the universe's biggest meteor fan. If the Cowboys happen to lose one week, all I need is the Redskins to lose too so that I don't have to go through a week of obnoxious fans that know three things about the sport talking trash all week.

In all seriousness, I don't really have a "second" team. During the lean years of the late '90s, I did want the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to do well. I was a big fan of Tony Dungy and really liked Warren Sapp. Funny, how much I dislike both of them as media members today. Dungy has gotten much better than when he started, though. Once that nucleus started to separate though, my passing interest in the Bucs did as well.

So what about you all? Is there a second team that holds a warm spot in your heart when they aren't facing the Cowboys? A team you tend to gravitate to when their on your television?

It's ok, you can admit to it here. We won't tell anyone.

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