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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Tyron Smith's Importance, Hitting Rookie Walls, More

Latest Dallas Cowboys Headlines: Outside of Romo, is Tyron Smith the player the Cowboys can least afford to lose? Will Terrance Williams hit a "rookie wall? Is Joseph Randle ready to contribute right away?

Tom Pennington

Scout’s Notebook: Thoughts To Ponder As Camp Gets Closer - Bryan Broaddus,
Broaddus shares his thoughts on a variety of issues, including who'll play right tackle and whether Terrance Williams can avoid the “rookie wall” during camp.

With The Cast Off, Randle Is Ready To Contribute Right Away - David Helman,
Randle's cast came off last week, and Randle is looking forward to showing his stuff in training camp.

NFC East Can’t-lose players - Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East Blog
Other than the quarterback, which player could each NFC East team least afford to lose to injury? Dan Graziano thinks the Cowboys can least afford to lose Tyron Smith, and argues that "without Smith, the weaknesses of the other linemen would become more apparent and more damaging."

NFL Network spokesman: Tony Romo’s omission from top 100 players raises more eyebrows than any other - Barry Horn, DMN
Barry Horn writes that according to Alex Riethmiller, a spokesman for NFL Network, no omission raised more eyebrows and received more reaction than Romo’s. But as flawed as the entire top 100 list is, Horn also notes that it is becoming staple of NFLN programming, especially because numbnuts like me continuously link to it.

Tim Tebow a Cowboys fan? Yes, and he's got a good reason why - Keith Whitmire,
Turns out, Tebow is an Emmit Smith Fan, and by proxy also a Cowboys fan. Also turns out that there's not much Cowboys news in the offseason.

In case you were wondering where Jerry Jones is spending his summer holiday:

Video: Cardinals rookie receiver Robert Gill runs 25 MPH - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robert Gill -- at 29 the oldest rookie in the NFL -- runs an incredible 25 mph on a treadmill.


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