Does playcalling really matter?

With all this talk about playcalling, you'd have to think it's an important issue. Right? Right???????? I just don't see the big deal.

Really think about it for minute. When you're sitting on your couch on Sunday night, watching the Cowboys game, you're calling out what plays you think the Cowboys should run at least a little bit, usually based on the situation. For example, on 3rd and 7, you're not going to run the ball up the middle, you're going to utilize a medium pass designed to pick up 7-10 yards with room to run after the catch. It's really not that hard.

Playcalling is really just reacting to a situation and picking a reaction from a preset group of options that has been put together about 5 days prior.

Everyone in the mainstream media wants to make a big deal of this issue. They want to make everything that the Dallas Cowboys do into drama. "Is Jason Garret on the hot seat? Has he been emasculated? Is Jerry Jones the worst GM in the NFL? Will the Cowboys make the playoffs? (Of course not, RG3's torn ACL will beat them because Romo's not clutch enough)" By the way, the answers to those questions (and one statement) are no, no, no, YES, and you're stupid.

I know it's been awhile since I've written a fanpost, but some of you may remember that I like to use lists of facts to make my arguments. After all, who can argue with facts other than politicians and sports analysts?

Fact 1: Bill Callahan actually holds the title of "Offensive Coordinator" for the Cowboys and has for the whole season. Since when has the OC called plays in the NFL? Jerry has really gone off his rocker this time.

Fact 2: Jason Garret will still be heavily involved in and in charge of game planning and creation of the play set for each game. Callahan has actually stated that it's still Garret's offense, he's just calling the plays for it.

Fact 3: Jason Garret is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. All this talk about Garret being on the hot seat is BS. After admitting that he mishandled the Wade Phillips (not fired soon enough) and Chan Gailey (fired too soon) situations, I think that Jerry has a pretty good measuring stick of when he should fire a head coach. He sees progress in this team from where it was 2 years ago. Why would he mess all of that up by firing Garret before his 3rd full year on the job?

Fact 4: The media loves to hate the Cowboys. Don't even try to say this is an opinion. Just take a look at most of the articles on ESPN and (except for Dan Graziano's, he's actually good) about the Cowboys. They all seem to have a negative connotation to them and they seem to use all of the recurring memes about the Cowboys that just aren't true, but they generate clicks, so they continue to be used.

So in conclusion, I really don't think that so much needs to be made about this "change" in playcalling. The media is just making something out of nothing (in a bad way) like they usually do because Garret knows that he doesn't owe them any answers. It's the same process in coming up with the game plan. It's just a different person who's wired into Romo's helmet. And just one more thing. Jason Garret is the head coach of this team and has called the plays since 2007. Do you really think that if he told Callahan to call a certain type of play, that it wouldn't get called?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.