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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "We are making more plays and getting more turnovers."

Latest Cowboys Headlines: DeMarcus Ware is excited about the new Cowboys defense, the Dez Bryant Love Fest continues and the Cowboys start building their Emergency Board.

Ronald Martinez

DeMarcus Ware: "This defense is what we needed." - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Ware praises Monte Kiffin and his defense because it's simple and it allows the players to be more aggressive, and according to Ware, the Cowboys are already seeing the impact in practice.

"I'm real excited with the way that we are playing," Ware said. "Guys aren't thinking so much. They aren't [making] a lot of mistakes. When we go through each day there is a chart we go through on how many mistakes we made, how many turnovers, how many missed plays. There aren't a lot of missed plays and a lot of errors. We are making more plays and getting more turnovers. I think that is what we needed."

Broaddus: A Few Names That Might Be On Emergency Board -
Broaddus does a nice job of explaining how teams construct their Emergency Boards that they'll go to if they need to add a player as the season progresses. But as good as his explanation is, the names he proposes for that Cowboys board are quite sobering - and include a player who's already retired.

Another case for the Dallas Cowboys - Dan Graziano, ESPN
Dan Graziano throws his hat in the ring - in favor of the Cowboys:

"I fear this will go on for the entire offseason, but there's a real dichotomy right now in the NFL prediction business with regard to the Dallas Cowboys' prospects for the 2013 season. I have heard and read some who believe they could be one of the worst teams in the league. But while anything's possible, I personally don't see that. As of now, I think they have a strong chance to be the best team in the NFC East."

Terrell Owens: ‘If I don’t play this year, I’m retiring’ -
Retire from what?

The Great Spread Offense Hoax - Football-Defense Report
Very enjoyable article on why the spread offense is not all it's cracked up to be. The article argues convincingly that a spread offense that doesn't actually spread the field isn't really a spread offense, and that "if the ball rarely goes outside of the hash marks… you, my friend, are a potential victim of the Great Spread Hoax."

Ranking the NFL wide receivers -
Chris Wesseling proposes a ranking of the top 40 receivers in football. We nod sagely at the fact that Dez Bryant is ranked fifth on the list but then quickly lose interest in yet another offseason ranking list.

Cowboys receivers are most Beast of the NFC East -
Dez Bryant gets a lot of love from a Skins fansite:

"Bryant’s growth makes Dallas the biggest threat to Washington’s defense of its division crown. Hog Heaven readers are gagging over that one sentence. I understand, but Dallas stands out in performance against the benchmark. It takes only a modest projection for the 2013 season to see the Cowboys passing game as the division’s most formidable, especially against Beastly secondaries."

NFL fantasy football: Five predictions for 2013 -
The Dez Love Fest continues: The NFL Fantasy LIVE team offers up their best predictions for the 2013 fantasy football season, and J. Smith thinks Dez Bryant will have the most fantasy points of any wide receiver this season - by a lot.

"On the surface, this doesn't look that outlandish. After all, he scored the third most fantasy points at his position a year ago. But this was a guy you weren't starting on a regular basis last year until Week 10. His last eight weeks were as dominant as we've ever seen over that period of time for a wide receiver in fantasy. And oh yeah, while it's not a true 'contract' year for him, do you think the Cowboys are going to let him go into the final year of his deal after 2013 with free agency looming? Nope, he knows another big season means Jerry Jones will take care of him before that happens. Calvin Johnson is still great, but this year Bryant will approach or exceed 250 fantasy points, and have at least 20 more than his closest competitor."


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