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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Tony Romo All-Time Underrated, Miles Austin's Future, More

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Why Tony Romo is one of the most underrated Cowboys players, why Miles Austin may be at a career crossroads, and why the equivalent of a massive free-agent haul may be the key to the defense this year.

Tom Pennington

Tony Romo among Dallas Cowboys' all-time underrated players -
Elliot Harrison looks at ten all-time overrated and underrated Cowboys players. Among the five underrated players mentioned in the article is Tony Romo:

"Why Romo is Underrated: Don't worry Romo haters, at least Romo's passer rating sucks. It's only 95.6, fifth ALL-TIME. Wait! He's not a "winner." Guessing 55-38 is a horrific record. While the Cowboys have a myriad of issues, be it offensive line, DeMarco Murray's health, or a defense that couldn't stop anyone last year, Romo was not the problem. He's been a solid citizen in Dallas and a very good player, if not great. His most famous miscue -- the dropped snap against the Seattle Seahawks -- was bad. Too bad no one ever mentions the fact that almost no starting quarterbacks in the NFL are ever asked to hold for kicks. If Romo is really as terrible as people say he is, then why don't people hate Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson or Drew Henson? Because they stunk."

"Interesting Sidenote: An explanation for Romo not being a "Top 100 player" is that he isn't clutch, like an Eli Manning. Take a wild guess who the NFL's active leader in fourth quarter passer rating is ... as in, higher than Brady, Brees, and Eli? Yup, it's Romo."

Miles Austin at a career crossroads? -
With training camps around the corner, former agent Joel Corry examines 15 big-name players who enter 2013 at a career crossroads. Among them: the Cowboys' Miles Austin, who Corry believes hasn't lived up to expectations after signing a seven-year, $57.268 million contract in 2010.

"Austin has become more of a secondary option with Dez Bryant's emergence and tight end Jason Witten operating as Tony Romo's security blanket. Nonetheless, Austin was one of the NFL's most productive No. 2 wide receivers with 66 catches, 943 yards and six touchdowns. Dallas' perpetual cap problems could make Austin a pay-cut candidate or cap casualty if his productivity declines or the injuries continue."

What Does It Take To Win The NFC East In 2013? - David Helman,
A winning record in divisional games would be a good place to start according to Helman. After all, the last time the Cowboys made the playoffs was also the last time they had a winning divisional record.

Cowboys position series: Defensive ends - Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas
MacMahon writes that the Cowboys are banking on Tyrone Crawford to eventually replace Anthony Spencer.

"The Cowboys’ front office, which has never been shy about paying big to keep players the franchise developed, might not be able to show such restraint if not for the optimism about Crawford’s future. Bidding farewell in free agency to a starter who had an eight-figure salary and replacing him with a talented young player who isn’t yet a millionaire is a heck of a way to help a franchise crawl out of salary-cap hell."

Did the Cowboys do enough this offseason? - Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog
Graziano argues that the key for the Cowboys to get out of the 8-8 rut is for the players who helped get them to the brink of a division title each of the past two years to stay a lot healthier:

"Think about it this way: If Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Jay Ratliff, Barry Church and Orlando Scandrick all stay healthy for 16 games, isn't that going to be the rough equivalent of a massive free-agent haul on defense?"

Season Preview: Week 7 Vs. Cowboys -
The official Eagles site previews the game against the "hated division rival," and provides a timely reminder that the last time the two teams met, the Cowboys brushed off the Eagles 38-23 to extend their all-time record to 61-47 against the Eagles.

Kirk Cousins preparing as though he'll start, but how would the Redskins fare if he has to? - SB Nation
Not well.

3 steps to success: Giants hope to rebound from disappointing 2012 -
The article suggests the Giants' 2013 season hinges on whether or not Eli Manning can get back on the wagon, noting that his 59.9 percent completion rate in 2012 was his lowest since 2007. At the same time, Eli's career best completion rate was a lowly 62.9 % in 2010, so if a 3-point improvement in Manning's completion rate counts as "getting back on the wagon" then the word "hope" should be capitalized in the title of this article.


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