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Cowboys Free Agency 2013: Would You Take A Chance On These Guys?

The hot period of free agency in the NFL is long past, but there are a surprising number of guys still out there that could help a team. Any of them make sense for Dallas?

Kevin C. Cox

Am I talking about free agency? Yes, I am. Even though we are closing in on training camp, there are still quite a number of NFL players looking for jobs. And some of them are quality players. I doubt that the Cowboys will pick up anybody between now and training camp, but as time goes on at Oxnard, injuries and poor play could change their minds about a few positions.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at some guys still available. This is just a general survey but decided to open the floor up for thoughts and other nominations. With that in mind, the Cowboys could have:

Vince Young (QB)
Eric Winston (OT)
Richard Seymour (DT)
Willis McGahee (RB)
Vonta Leach (FB)
Shaun Cody (DT)
John Abraham (DE)
Quinton Mikell (S)
Michael Turner (RB)
Tim Hightower (RB)
Brandon Moore (OG)
Kerry Rhodes (S)
Nick Barnett (LB)

Any interest? How about other players, maybe even some under-the-radar guys that could be good for Dallas? Hit us up in the comments.

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