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Cowboys Cut Lawrence Vickers

The Dallas Cowboys had one lone fullback on the roster heading into 2013 training camp, now they have none.


Speculation had been circulating all offseason the the Dallas Cowboys would release their starting fullback, Lawrence Vickers. That speculation has become a reality as the team said goodbye to the long-time veteran of the NFL. Vickers' stay with Dallas was short, only one season.

The cutting of the lone fullback on the roster can be attributed to various factors. Primarily, Vickers never became an essential part of the offense, his blocking was not good enough to help a poor running game, and he didn't add anything in the short passing game. Additionally, the Cowboys save about $1.2 million dollars by letting him go.

But perhaps one of the big reasons was the Cowboys recent move towards two tight end sets and more use of an H-back position. Dallas has drafted James Hanna and Gavin Escobar in back-to-back drafts, and they also added veteran Dante Rosario this offseason.

Vickers was a good teammate, a good guy in the locker room, but his value to the team seemed to diminish, and his salary was too much for what he brought to this offense. He'll likely catch on somewhere else, and good luck to him.

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