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Center Of Attention: Travis Frederick

Not much has changed on the Cowboys offensive line up to this point, except for the man in the middle.

Rick Yeatts

As Dallas Cowboys fans, we've spent season after season moaning and groaning about the play of the offensive line. A look at the Cowboys offensive roster makes the case all too clear. Quarterback who statistically ranks among the best in the league? Check. Competent outside receivers with one, Dez Bryant, poised to break out in a big way? Check. All-World tight end? Check. Running back with big-time potential if he can avoid getting hurt? Check. It all looks good, except for an offensive line that hasn't allowed all those parts to function at maximum level.

As we head into 2013 training camp, the only change so far on the offensive line is the expected elevation of first-round draft pick Travis Frederick to starting center. Technically, he's still in a battle with incumbent Phil Costa for the spot, but the tea leaves say that he would have to fail miserably not to get the nod as starter. There still can be some changes at either guard sport or at right tackle, we'll just have to see how training camp plays out. But if things remain status quo except for the insertion of Frederick at center, is that enough to get the Cowboys offense firing on all pistons?

ESPN Dallas put it this way:

The Cowboys aren’t just counting on Frederick to upgrade the center position. They expect his presence to make the guards better, whether incumbent starters Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau keep their jobs or Ronald Leary beats out one of them. The poor performance of the interior offensive line was one of the primary reasons the Cowboys had the worst rushing attack in franchise history last season. The Cowboys believe Frederick can help fix that while also improving the protection of Romo.

Man, that's a lot of heavy expectations placed on one rookie. So the question goes out to you - can the insertion of Travis Frederick at center really elevate the line play of the Cowboys? Can one guy help the guards improve and help open up the running game? That seems like a tall order to me, I still think that if Ronald Leary or Jeremy Parnell show in camp they can play, Dallas should go ahead and make a change.

What say you BTB?

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