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Which Coordinator Move Will Have Bigger Impact For Cowboys?

Dallas made two big moves this offseason in the coordinator ranks, one of them has been the most talked about, but the other could also be very important.

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The Dallas Cowboys made a big move this offseason when they decided to change up their defense from a 3-4 alignment to a 4-3. By firing Rob Ryan and hiring Monte Kiffin, the defensive scheme is headed in a whole new direction. This moved has been talked about at length by the sports media. But the Cowboys also made another move that is less-talked about except us hardcore fans. That was moving the play-calling responsibilities over to Bill Callahan.

The Kiffin Move

This changes everything on the defensive side of the ball. The Cowboys are moving players around to new positions and they will be drafting/signing some players differently than what they would have done before. The new defense is obviously still a work in progress and we'll have to see how quickly the players pick up on the scheme, and whether it will bring the hoped for change of producing more turnovers.

The Callahan Move

With Callahan calling the plays, Jason Garrett is freed up to do more overall team management during the week. He will also now be able to concentrate on overall game day strategies such as time management and other non-offensive-coordinator duties. But, how will Callahan's play-calling differ from Garrett's? Also, can Dallas get the plays in without running the play-clock down to zero, or getting delay of game penalties?

So which of these moves will be a greater impact this season? We ask that question in our poll. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and does one of the changes mean more short-term, while the other means more long-term?

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