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Cowboys Top Forbes List For NFL Teams ...Again

Jerry Jones sure made a shrewd investment when he bought the Dallas Cowboys.


Way back in 1989, Jerry Jones rode on to the scene and bought the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million. Fast forward to 2013, and his investment is now estimated to be worth $2.1 billion. That's billion with a 'B'. That's a fairly good return on investment.

This news comes as Forbes does it yearly ranking of the most valuable sports franchises, and for the seventh year in a row the Dallas Cowboys top the list of NFL teams. The top five franchises consist of Real Madrid (3.3 billion), Manchester United (3.165 billion), Barcelona (2.6 billion), New York Yankees (2.3 billion), then Dallas. Following Dallas at number six are the New England Patriots, whose value is estimated at $1.635 billion.

If you're wondering about our NFC East brethren, the Washington Redskins are eighth at $1.6 billion, the New York Giants are ninth at $1.468 billion and the Philadelphia Eagles are #15 at $1.26 billion.

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