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Filed under: Ranks Cowboys Among League's Best Receiving Corps

We can't leave the offseason without at least one more listing, right? Where do you think the Cowboys group of receiving options ranks?

Ronald Martinez

One day, I'm going to come up with a list of the best and worst lists of the offseason. It's hard to hate on lists; they come packaged neatly, normally in some easy-to-grasp number that fits easily within our view of the world. Top 5 this, Top 10 that... neat, packaged goodness.

Of course, lists are subjective by nature, which leads to the other part of the fun; the fact that we love to disagree with stuff. Hardly anyone is going to agree with someone else's Top 10 list completely, therefore everyone wants to read the list and find something to argue over. It's a can't lose proposition. Heck, some people even can write entire articles over whether or not their favorite (insert category here) is ranked correctly. I've seen it done before, trust me.

A list where your favorite, whatever, is ranked highly, but not at the very top is normally the best kind of list to come across. The writer didn't disrespect your "guys", so there's no outrage, but there can be debate on how they compare to the other guys' "guys" ranked close to them. That's what we have here, in's Chris Wesseling's Top 10 Receiving Corps.

Wesseling has the Dallas Cowboys corps coming in a valiant third place; behind the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos. Here's a look at each team's lineup.

Player Falcons Broncos Cowboys
1 Julio Jones Demaryius Thomas Dez Bryant
2 Roddy White Eric Decker Miles Austin
3 Harry Douglas Wes Welker Dwayne Harris
4 Tony Gonzalez Jacob Tamme Terrance Williams
5 Joel Dreessen Jason Witten
6 Julius Thomas James Hanna
7 Gavin Escobar

Look at that list!

It's hard to argue that Dallas' group doesn't deserve to be mentioned among the elite. What interests me is the groups that Wesseling has Dallas ranked above. The Packers are 5th, the Saints are 6th. Myself personally, those are the two teams that I always think of first when it comes to ranking passing weapons.

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