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On The Chalkboard: Variations Of The Read Option

Other than the standard zone-read, what kinds of read option action could the Cowboys face, or use in 2013? Let's go to the board to find out.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We're back with more from the chalkboard.

A Few Notes To Remember

  • Changing the person who the QB reads, can change the way the play looks to the defense, and makes your offense as a whole more difficult to prepare for and defend.
  • Mid-Line is a variation which reads a 3-Tech DT to determine the give or keep action at the mesh point
  • Inverted Veer or "Dash" flips the action in the back field from a standard zone read, the RB can take the give around the corner, or the QB can keep it and go up field.
  • Play action is really where this can be viable long-term, reading LBs and DBs instead of DLinemen gives the QB a give or throw read, and creates potential to gain large chunks of yardage very efficiently.
  • Seam, Slant, Stick, and Bubble routes are all ways to get the ball out efficiently for easy completions and YAC possibilities.