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Cowboys @ Bears Is Hottest Cowboys Ticket In 2013

Got $458 lying around somewhere?

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Ronald Martinez

The hottest ticket for the 2013 Cowboys season will be the Dec. 9 Monday Night Football game against the Bears in Chicago.

According to Vivid Seats, a secondary-ticket marketplace, the tickets for the Bears game are averaging $458 apiece, the highest of any tickets on the Cowboys' schedule and the 6th most expensive game on the entire 2013 NFL schedule. The away game against the Saints on Nov. 24th is the second most expensive Cowboys game of the season, currently showing an average price of $455, making it the 8th most expensive NFL game this season. Here are the top ten NFL games by average ticket price:

Matchup Date Day of the Week Average Price
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots 11/24/2013 Sunday $575
Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots 11/03/2013 Sunday $534
Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos 09/05/2013 Thursday $470
New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots 09/12/2013 Sunday $461
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears 12/29/2013 Sunday $458
Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears 12/09/2013 Monday $458
Denver Broncos at New York Giants 9/15/2013 Sunday $458
Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints 11/10/2013 Sunday $455
New York Jets at New England Patriots 09/12/2013 Thursday $441
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots 10/27/2013 Sunday $425

The average current ticket price per for all NFL games is $203.75. That's an amount that might get you two seats in Cleveland but less than half a seat in New England. Here are the average prices for all NFL teams:

Team Avg. Price Team Avg. Price Team Avg. Price
NE $431 HOU $220 MIN $137
CHI $416 SF $216 STL $137
DEN $317 PHI $199 JAC $136
NYG $317 WAS $196 CIN $134
NO $273 TB $184 ARI $126
GB $269 SD $180 KC $124
BAL $268 IND $177 BUF $122
PIT $255 MIA $164 OAK $120
DAL $254 CAR $161 TEN $112
SEA $250 ATL $157 CLE $106
NYJ $222 DET $140

The Cowboys are in the top third of the league in terms of average ticket prices, but that has more to do with their road-game prices than with their home prices. On the road, the average Cowboys ticket comes to $304, while the average home ticket is available for $256. Here's an overview of the current average price of every single Cowboys regular season game in 2013, as provided by the folks at Vivid Seats:

Week Opponent Date Day Time Avg. Price
14 @Bears Dec 9, 2013 Monday 8:40 PM ET $458
10 @Saints Nov 10, 2013 Sunday 8:30 PM ET $455
15 Packers Dec 15, 2013 Sunday 4:25 PM ET $387
12 @Giants Nov 24, 2013 Sunday 4:25 PM ET $358
5 Broncos Oct 6, 2013 Sunday 4:25 PM ET $329
4 @Chargers Sep 29, 2013 Sunday 4:25 PM ET $319
16 @Redskins Dec 22, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $273
6 Redskins Oct 13, 2013 Sunday 8:30 PM ET $267
13 Raiders Nov 28, 2013 Thursday 4:30 PM ET $246
1 Giants Sep 8, 2013 Sunday 8:30 PM ET $240
17 Eagles Dec 29, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $225
7 @Eagles Oct 20, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $212
9 Vikings Nov 3, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $197
8 @Lions Oct 27, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $185
2 @Chiefs Sep 15, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $178
3 Rams Sep 22, 2013 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $156
All prices as of July 11, 2013

Five of the seven most expensive games on the schedule are away games. The most expensive home game looks to be the week 15 game against the Packers, which is currently averaging $387. If you're on a budget and living in Dallas, you may want to get cards for the game against the Rams, which has the lowest average price of all 16 Cowboys games at $156, although that doesn't yet include parking, a couple of beers, and something to eat.

Business Insider reported that half of regular football fans prefer watching NFL games at home over watching them live, even if they were offered free tickets. The ticket prices mentioned above are very far from free, but then again, if you are reading this post about the Dallas Cowboys in the depths of the offseason, you are also very far from being a "regular football fan". So here's a question for you:

Which game would you like to attend in person this year, despite or perhaps because of the prices above? And more importantly, have you started squirreling away money to pay for the Cowboys playoff tickets this season?


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