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Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast: Training Camp Primer

KD is joined by Rabblerousr as they discuss the teams upcoming stretch of training camp as the 2013 season inches ever so close.

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Earlier this week, The Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast went live for the first time in it's two-year history. Normally, I record in advance and it gives some leeway when mistakes are made, but not this time. This time, we went with no safety net.

In Episode 2.7 I discussed several topics, including the NFL news of the week, several intriguing Cowboys stats, a little fantasy football talk with Romo's ADP value. I also circle back around to the announcement that Forbes listed Dallas as the most profitable NFL franchise for another year, and look at how that could possibly be.

The real meat and potatoes of the show, however, is when Rabble joins me as we review the Cowboys offseason and preview training camp. We talk the safety competition, right tackle blues and more. We even "approach" the subject of making season predictions. Have a listen to see what I mean. Cheers.

Don't forget, you can now listen live to Crunchtime every Wednesday night at 9pm ET, 8 Central on Blog Talk Radio at this link.

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