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Cowboys Power Ranking: Where Should We Be?

As the season approaches, the ubiquitous power rankings are starting to sprout up everywhere. Not that they're important, but arguments always ensue.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL season is right around the corner, Cowboys training camp will be opening soon. Ah, there's nothing like football making a return. With the coming of the season come the Power Rankings. Much like mock drafts, they're not really hard news, but they're pure entertainment that always lead to bickering.

Recently, PFT had the Cowboys at #14. The inevitable "what have you been smoking" comments immediately followed. So I got to wondering, where do the Cowboys rank going into the season? I thought 14 was pretty close, only 12 teams make the playoffs so that's not even that great of a ranking.

Based on our recent history, 14 is only a tad optimistic. In 2012, our season-end record put us roughly at #16. 2011 roughly #20, and 2010 #22. So things have been getting a little better each year, using this scale, under Jason Garrett. I'm actually pretty optimistic about the team, even though the o-line and safety spots have me very worried. So #14 is actually the bottom end of the scale for me, I'd put them in the playoff-round by the end of the year, somewhere in the top 12. But that's the result of blue kool-aid and silver-tinted glasses. It's easy to be optimistic at the beginning of the year.

Let's see what this obviously biased community has to say. Where do you think the Cowboys should be ranked in these presason power rankings? Pretend your ranking is where you think the team will be at the end of year.

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