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Thank You BTB For Your Donations

Training camp is now upon us so we just wanted to say thanks for helping out, this community is the best!

Alex Livesey

Every year Blogging The Boys has somebody covering training camp. This year, rabblerousr and OCC will be doing the honors. So over the offseason, we asked the community to donate some money to help with the cost of covering camp. As a veteran of six training camps, I can testify that these things cost money, and a lot of it. Plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, food - if you stay for an extended period that can get quite pricey.

And this year, the guys are staying for a while. Rabble will start it off and will be covering everything up through the Hall of Fame game, OCC will follow that up until the breaking of camp. That's roughly two weeks for each.

So I just wanted to say thanks to all those who contributed. We raised roughly $2,200 and I can assure you that all of it will go towards the cost of camp. We're amazed every year at the way this community comes together and helps us bring killer coverage from training camp. We couldn't do it without you.

So thanks BTB, and Go Cowboys!

--- Dave

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