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Hard Knocks Light? Cowboys Allow Filming Of Garrett's Camp Opening Speech

In an unusual move, the Cowboys allowed the filming of Garrett's opening address to his players.

Garrett may be a lot more media-savvy than he would have you believe.
Garrett may be a lot more media-savvy than he would have you believe.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King of Sports Illustrated launches his new microsite, The MMQB, with a minor bang by presenting Garrett's opening day statement to the Cowboys players in full. Allowing full access in this way is certainly unusual for Garrett, but certainly not unusual for the guy who owns the Cowboys.

You can watch the full 35-minute video below, or watch a short-attention-span four-minute version with some highlights on the MMQB site.

Three things struck Peter King as particularly noteworthy about Garrett's address: The complete silence in the room as players listened attentively, the promise that players will get coached (reminiscent of Garrett's 2008 Hard Knocks speech), and advising his players to be “respectful, brief, boring and humble" in their interviews with the press.

What's your take on Garrett's speech?


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