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Which NFL QBs Have Tormented The Cowboys Franchise The Most?

So if someone was to ask, which NFL QBs have done the most statistical damage to the Dallas Cowboys franchise over their careers, who would you guess? Well, turns out we have the answers.

Tom Pennington

How long until training camp? Stop, don't tell me, I'll only get depressed. Yes, it's the NFL dead time; news is scarce and topics for analysis have been beaten to death. So let's just have a little fun.

The question is: Which NFL QBs have done the most statistical damage to the Dallas Cowboys franchise over their careers? Of course, you can jump down in the article and see the answer, but formulate your own guesses first.

The web site asked an answered that question for all 32 franchises in this post. They broke it down by all-time passing yards against the Cowboys (and every other team in the league), and then all-time passing TDs against each franchise.

Of course, it almost certainly has to be a divisional opponent who played a long time. So for the NFC East, my immediate thoughts were - Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning or Phil Simms.

For the all-time passing yards it's Phil Simms with 4,804 yards in 23 games. That makes sense. But for all-time TDs, I bet no one guessed Jim Hart of the St. Louis Cardinals. Yup, there was brief stretch in the mid 70s when Hart had made the Cardinals into a division power. He played in 24 games against Dallas and threw 35 TD passes. That's gettin' it done. (For those who never heard of Jim Hart, you can check him out, here.)

For kicks, the only Dallas QB to show up on another team's list is Troy Aikman, nemesis to both the Giants and Cardinals in all-time passing yards. (Cardinals: 4,260 yds in 20 games; Giants: 4,164 yds in 22 games).

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