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Cowboys 2013 Training Camp: Romo Wants To Play HOF Game... But Of Course He Does

We're moving closer and closer to the Dallas Cowboys first preseason game. Let's see what's happening in Cowboys camp.

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The news, if you call it news, about Tony Romo is that he wants to play a series in the Hall of Fame game. Did you ever expect he would say anything different?

"If I did play, it would be a series, [so] whether you went eight plays or three plays, I'm not sure how much that is going to affect that," Romo said. "Saying that, I still want to play every time I suit up. Every time I step out there -- your juices are flowing and you want to compete. From that perspective, yeah, but whatever the coaches want."

I'm of two minds here. The game would sure be a lot more interesting, at least at the beginning, if Romo suited up and got a little work in. On the other hand, he doesn't really need the work, with plenty of more preseason games to come, and the "I" word always comes to mind. Do you really want to put him out there with just a couple of weeks of training camp as his only offseason activity?


Ronald Leary returned to practice. Bryan Broaddus liked what he saw.

It was Ronald Leary in his own words that said, "Missing practice sucks." Returned to the field after sitting out the first week of camp with a calf injury. Leary is in direct competition with Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau for a starting guard spot was on his game when the offensive linemen began their 1-on-1 pass rush drill work with the defensive line. Leary's first rep out of the box was against Landon Cohen, who isn't the tallest rusher but he does play with some power, tried to take Leary on the outside but Leary's punch bought him space and it allowed him to work Cohen to the outside and away from the quarterback. His second rep, was working on the twist game which has been a strength of this defensive line on the rush. Leary working with Travis Frederick was matched up against Sean Lissemore and Jerome Long. Long tried driving down inside to split Leary and Frederick but Leary was able to stand his ground and carry him all the way to Frederick passing him off. Lissemore then tries to loop around from his left to right, but is picked up by Leary who is waiting for the move. Leary stops Lissemore in his tracks with a solid punch to the chest as the twist is successfully picked up and the ball is away. On his next rep in the two man game, Leary is working with Darrion Weems at tackle and is matched up against Jerome Long and George Selvie. On the snap, both Long and Selvie rush up the field without a twist. Leary sets on Long with a punch, then as he tries to spin to Leary's right. Leary adjusts with him and manages to work in front of him with no problem keeping him from the quarterback. During the drill, Leary showed little rust or issues as far as his power or mobility in the drill. It was a nice start to the day for him.


Someone is gunning for Emmitt Smith. Adrian Peterson predicts exactly when he'll break Smith's all-time rushing record.

Peterson also wants to some day leave the game as the NFL's all-time leading rusher, a record currently held by Emmitt Smith. Peterson, with 8,849 yards, is approaching the halfway mark to Smith's 18,355-yard record. And last December, in our in-depth profile of Peterson as the Star Tribune Sportsman of the Year, we told A.D. that he was on pace to catch Smith in Week 4 of 2019. Peterson wouldn't accept the math, vowed to get the record sooner and promised to get back to us with his prognostication.

Q: Forget about Eric Dickerson’s record for a minute. Last December, we talked about Emmitt Smith’s record and I told you you were on pace to get there in Week 4 of 2019. You said sooner and promised to come back with a timetable. Emmitt had 18,355 yards. You’re now 9,506 away. We need a week and a year. When do you get there?

A: Man. Oh boy. I have to do some calculations. I’ve been in the league seven years. I’m already right around [9,000]. Calculate it out … Let’s think. Maybe get a couple 2,000 yard seasons … I’ve got … Hmmm … 2017. (Q: What week in 2017?) A: Man. I better go late. I’m already getting too far in front of myself. I’ll say Week 16. There it is. Week 16 in 2017.

Just to break it down for you in full, that gives Peterson 79 games to amass the 9,506 yards he needs to reach Smith. That comes out to a per-game average of 120.3 yards per contest with the assumption that Peterson avoids injury and doesn't miss a game between now and Week 16 of 2017.


The Cowboys will now play in AT&T Stadium. No matter what it's called, JerryWorld hasn't exactly been a home-field advantage. Jason Garrett has no idea why.

The Cowboys are 17-15 at home since the stadium opened in Arlington in 2009. They also have a playoff victory there. The Cowboys were only 4-4 at home last season when they went 8-8.

"AT&T Stadium, parking lot and the moon," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said when asked why the team hasn't played better at home. "We need to play better everywhere. You’re always looking at your schedule. You’re always looking at how you’re doing things to make sure your team gets off to a good start, can sustain itself and then play well at the end. You’re doing that regardless of what environment you’re playing in. We have played some good games at home. Other games haven’t been quite as good. I don’t know that it has anything to do with that stadium. It has something to do with us as players and coaches. So we’ve got to make sure we’re at our best every opportunity we get."


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