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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Will 10 Wins Win The East?

Sunday morning links for your reading pleasure.


NFL - Where does the NFC East stand? - ESPN
John Clayton thinks this could be another season in which the NFC East champion wins only nine or 10 games.

The guess here is that the winner of the NFC East will be a nine- or 10-win team and will not secure a first-round playoff bye. Because the top teams in the NFC East are so close in talent, it's likely that the winner of the division will be no better than 4-2 in divisional games and very likely 3-3. The Redskins were 5-1 in the division last season thanks to sweeps of the Eagles and Cowboys.

I don't see any NFC East team going 7-1 or 8-0 in nondivisional games, so I think it will be hard for any of them to secure the 11 or 12 wins that probably will be needed to secure a first-round playoff bye.

Nevertheless, don't discount the chances of these teams if they make the playoffs. The Giants won two recent Super Bowls even though no one considered them great teams. The Redskins have Robert Griffin III coming back at quarterback. If he's healthy, anything can happen.

Best WR duos - Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East Blog
Dan Graziano answers some mailbag questions and explains why he has Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks ahead of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, though he think it's incredibly close - for now. Graziano also answers a playcalling question for the umpteenth time:

"The offense is still going to be Jason Garrett's offense. He's still going to design it and implement it (with help from Callahan and other coaches and Tony Romo this year), and if Callahan calls plays Garrett doesn't want called, Garrett will surely let him know about it. What's changed is that Callahan, and not Garrett, will call the plays during the game. He's going to do it from the booth, not the sideline."

"What's been taken away from Garrett is not input into the design or implementation of the offense, but the play-to-play responsibilities of deciding what to run and relaying it to the huddle. [...] I personally think it will benefit Garrett to no longer have to worry about a part of the job at which he was not great and to be able to focus more on the parts of the job he's done well."

Dallas Cowboys training camp preview -
Not really sure if there is anything new or noteworthy in this article, but if you've been hibernating since the end of the season, this is as good a place as any to get caught up on what has happened since.

How Much Longer Will The Veterans Continue To Play? - David Helman,
Some players have had 15-year careers with the Cowboys. More may follow. That's it.

Giants’ Dan Connor arrested with knife at airport - ProFootballTalk
Giants linebacker Dan Connor has reportedly been arrested for carrying a switchblade knife at Philadelphia International Airport.


Redskins Wide Receiver Woes - Hogs Haven
Are the Redskins in trouble at wide receiver? Looks like it, according to our SB Nation colleagues at Hogs Haven:

"This season, on paper, there may be only three teams that have lass [sic] talent at the position: The Ravens(who lost Boldin), Patriots(who lost Welker and Lloyd) and Raiders. The first two have great veteran quarterbacks, and solid offensive lines to make up for some of these deficiencies. The Raiders..................well, they're just the Raiders."

Pope pleased with Myers, intrigued by Giants' TEs - Big Blue View
The headline writers at our sister blog BBV are in high form - for a minute I thought the Giants had gotten a fan in the Vatican.

Eagles offensive lineman highlight's NFC East Pro Bowl team - Bleeding Green Nation
Our SB Nation colleagues on BGN are still a little hurt over the fact that nine Cowboys made's NFC East Pro Bowl Team versus the Eagles' six.



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