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Better Season In 2013: James Hanna Or Gavin Escobar?

The Cowboys have drafted tight ends in the last two drafts. Even though neither will be a starter, they have a chance to make significant contributions. So which one will grab the spotlight?

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The Dallas Cowboys will roll into the 2013 season with the estimable Jason Witten as the number one tight end. That much is certain. For years the Cowboys have been trying to develop a pass-catching threat behind Witten, not only for the future but in hopes of creating a threatening duo on the field at the same time. Much of that time was spent in the belief (or hope, as it may be) that Martellus Bennett would be that guy. Bennett left last offseason and the Cowboys were ready to start the search once again.

In the 2012 draft they grabbed James Hanna in the sixth round. In 2013 it was Gavin Escobar in the second round. Neither palyer is known for their blocking skills, they are primarily pass-catching threats. Big bodies with good athleticism and good hands. Now that both are on the roster, which one will be the main option behind, and with, Witten at the position?

James Hanna - Has one year of experience in Jason Garrett's offense. He started slow in 2012, not receiving much playing time and definitely not seeing the football. But towards the end of the year, Hanna managed to work his way onto the field and produce some numbers. Over the last four games of the season he caught 7 passes for 76 yards. It wasn't much, but it was a glimpse into the possibilities.

Gavin Escobar - Drafted out of San Diego State in the second round, Escobar is the definition of a pass-catching tight end. Fluid with a great set of hands, and highly productive for his college team. Escobar has a lot to learn, initially just getting comfortable with the Cowboys playbook and learning the NFL game.

The Cowboys would like to run more two-tight-end sets this upcoming season, our own CotySaxman laid the case out here.

So at the end of the year, who will have the better season - Hanna or Escobar? Take the poll then gives us your reason in the comments.

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