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The Better Duo On The Right Side Of The Line?

The Dallas Cowboys offensive line is still a work in progress. Should they stick with veteran experience, or go with some young blood?

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Over at the mothership Bryan Broaddus recently predicted that Ronald Leary will take either Nate Livings or Mackenzy Bernadeau's job in 2013. We've heard a lot about Leary, and how if he didn't have the knee issues, he could have been a pretty high draft pick. The Cowboys were thrilled to get him as an UDFA after the 2012 draft. Last year was a learning experience, but he seems to be impressing people at Valley Ranch this offseason. Now, I don't think he'll take Nate Livings job, he actually graded out well with some stat services in 2012. I think the Cowboys would leave Livings and Tyron Smith together on the left side. But Bernadeau is fair game, and if Leary is going to play anywhere it would be in his spot.

So that got me thinking, which duo would you rather have on the right side of the offensive line? For this thought experiment, you either have to go with the experienced vets, or the untested young guns.

The Vets

Bernadeau/Free - Both guys started last year, and neither had outstanding years. Bernadeau never got anywhere in Carolina, and many wondered why Dallas signed him. The 2012 season still leaves plenty of doubt. Free's year was so bad that he eventually had to share time with Jeremy Parnell and had to take a pay cut. Can these two trun it around, or is it time to move on?

The Newbies

Leary/Parnell - As mentioned above, Leary is a kid with a lot of talent and seems to be putting it together. Parnell came in and played better than Free, although in a limited sample. Free has had some good years, while Parnell is still untested.

So if you had to choose, which duo would you go with?

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