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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Are Two Transition Years About To Pay Off For Cowboys?

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Are the Cowboys done transitioning, and how much competition is there really along the O-line? These questions and more in today's news roundup.

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Are Cowboys primed to reap rewards of two "Transition" Years? - Jeff Sullivan,
Sully makes an interesting observation in a longer post filled with random thoughts about camp:

The last two seasons were transitional. Not going to say rebuilding, but one could make the case. Transitional sounds better. Yet, they played for the NFC Division title the final week of the season in both years. When Jason Garrett replaced Wade Phillips as head coach with the team 1-7 in 2010, this was the second-oldest roster in football. This team should now rank among the league’s youngest.

Are the Cowboys done transitioning, and if they are, can we expect Cowboys football in January and February?

Competition Spots On Offensive Line - Bob Sturm
Sturm taps the brakes on all the talk about Arkin and Leary as potential starters in September - and he taps the brakes hard:

Late July and August is a time to take it very slow with veterans. This allows younger players a chance to "run with the 1s" and that allows for them to be noticed. If they do well, then people project their ideas in the media of how this could materialize.

But, lining up for a team practice on a Tuesday in July and lining up against the Giants on September 8th is a completely different animal.

Sturm suggests that Nate Livings is as close to a roster lock as it gets at left guard, with the likes of Bernadeau, Costa, Leary and perhaps even Arkin battling for the one open spot on the O-line, right guard.

Sean Lee soaks up Dat Nguyen's wisdom - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
Sean Lee and Dat Nguyen have had a few conversations over the past week in which Lee admits to trying to pick Nguyen's brain "to see what made him successful," MacMahon writes. And those conversations have left Nguyen suitably impressed:

"Man, this dude is smart," Nguyen said of Lee. "He wants to be good. He’s willing to listen. He’s one of those hard workers that wants to be good, and the game is important to him. You don’t find too many guys like that anymore. The game is important to him and he wants to be better at it, and he’s working."

"He’s exciting to watch. I watched that kid out there. He’s all over the field all the time. He doesn’t take a lot of bad steps and he doesn’t put himself in bad situations."

Scouts’ Preseason Work Load Will Come In Handy - B. Broaddus,
Broaddus writes about what the scouts have been doing in camp so far, details what's next on their agenda, and provides a timely reminder that the talent acquisition process is far from over:

But while they are in their scouting areas around the country, another important responsibility for them will be to attend the various NFL preseason game [sic]. Will McClay and Judd Garrett will assign these scouts teams to cover while they are on the road to get a live look to report back to the directors on what they are seeing.

We all tend focus [sic] on the players currently on this squad but in reality, the next starter on this team could very well be playing in another NFL city right now.

Cowboys sign DE Toby Jackson, release DT Igbinosun - Star-Telegram
The Cowboys officially signed DE Toby Jackson on Wednesday after having worked him out the day before. To make room on the roster, the Cowboys released DT Ikponmwosa Igbinosun, who had been sidelined with an ankle injury.

5 Ways the NFL Is Just Going to Mess With Fans' Emotions in 2013 - TheStreet
Last year alone, the NFL produced $9.5 billion in revenue. That's $2 billion more than the $7.5 billion produced by Major League Baseball over the same span and more than the revenue produced by the NCAA ($5.3 billion) and NASCAR ($4.1 billion) combined.

But that's not enough. So the league is looking for new ways to make more money, and you, the gullible fan, are a big part of that plan.

NBC Sports, Cowboys partner on red zone view - FOX Sports
NBC and the Cowboys are partnering on a new 360-degree red zone look. The network will use 24 high-speed cameras - 12 in each red zone on both sides of the field from the 20-yard line to the goal line and in the back of each end zone - to produce seamless views of the action. The technology will allow the replays to move all around the play without changing camera angle. The 360-degree view will debut in the home opener against the Giants. Who will be the Cowboys Neo to the Giants' Agent Smith?

Young Cowboys fans mock weeping Redskins training camp girl -
A few days ago, a female Redskins fan posted a video of herself crying in her car while leaving Redskins training camp. Some enterprising young Cowboys fans posted a YouTube video mocking the weeping lady from Redskins training camp. It is cruel, but it's sure funny.

This killed me: "And I have like 20 autographs, but there's still more space."


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