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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Still Looking For Help At Guard

The NFL does not like Ware's facemask.
The NFL does not like Ware's facemask.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones: O-line was good against Raiders but Cowboys still looking to sign veteran guard (Waters?) - C. Hill, Star-Telegram
The injury history of the Cowboys interior O-line has the Cowboys on the lookout for some veteran help, despite a good performance by the O-line.

"But if we got an opportunity that can help us in that spot, on a veteran basis considering we got some young players, considering we got some injury issues, then I would take a look at it."

"I would just say that the quality of the people we are talking to if they decide to come play they will play," Jones said. "That's not a concern of mine at all. The fact that they are considering not playing, knowing the quality of the people we are talking to, I respect that. I also respect the fact that if they decide to come, they will come and be a good player for us."

Tony Romo on having a lot of time to throw the football: ‘That’s different’ - B. George, DMN
In the press conference following the second day of the draft, Jerry Jones recounted that he had received a call from Romo after the first round, in which Romo said "thank you for my extra half a second" after the Cowboys had drafted Travis Frederick. Looks like that extra time has materialized, at least in Friday's preseason game.

"I don’t want to get away from here without talking about the offensive line. There were a couple of times I had all day and we had a sack an incompletion on those two plays, so that’s going to help us a lot if we’re able to do that," Romo said.

"That’s different. I know what it’s like to play behind that, and having that ability like they did tonight would be a huge bonus for us."

Chemistry Good Between Romo & Receivers - B. Broaddus,
Broaddus is very complimentary about Bryant and Austin's performance on Friday, has some positive words for Mackenzy Bernadeau and J.J. Wilcox, sees Caleb McSurdy ahead of Brandon Magee for a backup LB spot, and takes a detailed look at the blocked field goal attempt.

Cole Beasley in a walking boot after MRI shows sprained ligaments in left foot - B. George, DMN
Early reports were that Beasley would miss "a couple of days," but news that Beasley has sprained ligaments and some bone bruising probably means those early estimates were overly optimistic. No timetable has been set for Beasley's return.

B.W. Webb draws wrath of Jason Garrett: You're not allowed to have bad nights - C. Williams, Star-Telegram
Jason Garrett came down hard on the rookie after the game.

Jones Confident In Ratliff's Availability For Regular Season - D. Helman,
The Cowboys' primary objective regarding Jay Ratliff, at least according to Jerry Jones, is to get him ready for the season opener against the Giants. As such, the Cowboys don't want to rush Ratliff back, and if that means missing all preseason games, they are reportedly fine with that.

NFL says customized face masks are not allowed -
Too bad. Because DeMarcus Ware had been sporting a particularly cool facemask this year.

Big top Cowboys: California camp treat for fans | Amarillo Globe-News
This AP article suggests the Cowboys will continue to hold at least parts of their training camp in California. The article also provides an interesting account of some of the early training camps camps in the 60s and 70s.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones won’t expand on impending move to Frisco until council votes - D. Moore, DMN
The move to Frisco looks to be a done deal, though Jerry Jones wouldn't discuss the move until the city council has a chance to vote on it.

"The protocal [sic] here is for the council to address it," Jones said early Saturday morning. "The leaders there, the city leaders are moving toward a time when on Monday they will review it."


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