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Cowboys Training Camp Report, Practice Number Fourteen: The Play-By-Play

Here's the play-by-play from yesterday's 11-on-11 practice.

Brian Bahr

As promised in part one of this training camp summary, below is the play-by-play summary of yesterday's 11-on-11 practice. The first part of this practice was about simply executing plays from somewhere close to the middle of the field. The offense did not change field position, and one play was executed after the next regardless of the outcome of the previous play.

In the second part, the team played from specific down and distance situations. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position where I could see these. I did however film every single play, so I can give a pretty accurate account of each play below.

  • First play of 11-on-11. Romo goes through his progressions but can't find a receiver. He finally throws the ball off to the left sideline at Dez Bryant's feet, but the refs have already whistled the play dead.
  • Cowboys repeat the play, this time Romo connects with Bryant on the sideline for a gain of about ten yards.
  • This time Romo goes to the right sideline, where he finds Hanna for a short completion. Hanna makes the catch and falls out of bounds as he makes sure he has both feet in bounds.
  • Witten motions from the right side to the left pre-snap, Romo hands off the ball to Murray who takes off to the left side but is brought to a stop by an army of blue-clad defenders who've stuffed every running lane the ZB O-line tried to open.
  • On this play, Hanna motions from right to left. On the snap, Romo immediately takes off to his right. Murray is leading Romo and Romo dumps a short pass to Murray, who may have been able to escape Brandon Carr. Escobar had chipped Carr as he came off the line and turned Carr halfway around so that Carr was caught on the wrong foot (looking inside instead of outside) when Murray caught the pass in Carr's back.
  • Romo throws an interception to Barry Church on a deep ball intended for Dez Bryant. Romo dropped back to gain some time but eventually came under pressure from George Selvie (who would have gotten a sack) and probably hurried the throw.
  • Andre Smith motions to the right side, Romo hands off to Murray, who appears to find a nice hole that may have given him 10 yards or so. Brandon Underwood with the "tackle", if Murray wouldn't simply have run him over in a real game.
  • Romo with playaction to Dunbar. Defense bites hard on fake handoff and Romo finds himself all alone in the backfield, but can't find any open receivers and decides to run for a gain of about five yards.
  • Orton hands off to Dunbar, but Ben Bass meets him in the backfield for a TFL
  • Orton hands off to Dunbar again, but this time Dunbar scoots by everybody on the left side for a solid gain.
  • Orton and the whole line scramble to the right, LT Edawn Coughman and Lance Dunbar peel off to the left, Orton throws a cross-body pass to the left and connects with Dunbar who gets some lead blocking from Coughman for a gain of 5-10 yards.
  • Playaction to the left, again the defense bites, and Orton fires off a 50-or-so-yard bomb to Anthony Armstrong for a TD.
  • Stephens hands off to Tanner, who has to spin around Landon Fletcher in the backfield and stumbles forward to the line of scrimmage.

Horn Blows. Tony Romo comes back on with the first team offense.

  • Handoff right side to Murray who powers ahead for a couple of yards with an assist from Witten who motioned right.
  • Offense lines up with three tight ends on the left side (Witten, Escobar, Hanna) but Romo takes a timeout.
  • Same lineup with three TEs on the left side, Witten motions right pre-snap. At the snap Romo drops back, there's a momentary confusion as everybody expected run, but then Romo connects with Murray ten yards downfield on the left side. Lee eventually pushed Murray out of bounds.
  • Playaction with fake handoff to Murray and a 30-yard pass to Terrance Williams down the middle, who is brought down by Barry Church.
  • Looks like playaction, but it isn't: hand off to Murray on the left side for a gain of a couple of yards.
  • Hanna motions out left, Romo drops back and connects with Witten up the middle for a solid gain of about 20 yards, about 10 of which are YAC because Hanna had pulled every single defender out of the zone.
  • Orton is in and Landon Cohen jumps offsides. Cohen immediately leaves the field. Jeris Pendleton takes his place.
  • Handoff to Tanner who gains three or four yards to the left.
  • Ben Bass jumps offsides and leaves the field for Jerome Long.
  • Quick pass to Jared Green on the left for a gain of 7-8 yards.
  • Playaction. Orton scrambles right and has the time to connect with Danny Coale for a 40-yard completion. Kyle Wilber was dangerously close and may have had a sack.
  • Tanney is in. Playaction, Tanney drops to the right and connects with Eric Rogers along the right sideline for a 15-20 yard gain.
  • Handoff to Tanner who finds a hole between RG and RT but then turns inside where he gets stuck in a pile of defenders.

Team executes a couple of field goals from different positions. Tony Romo comes back with the first team offense as the team embarks on situational work.

  • Romo misses Bryant for a 20-yard completion down the seam. Brandon Underwood is closest defender.
  • Romo scambles right and looks for Terrance Williams downfield but badly overthrows the ball into the crowd.
  • First team stalls. [I probably missed a play here, because the next play is a field goal attempt]
  • First team is back on the field, but is now in what looks like a red zone situation. Handoff to Murray, run right, gain of a couple of yards before he's forced out.
  • Another handoff, this time Murray runs into the unhealthy combination of Hayden and Hatcher. No gain.
  • Short pass to Murray on the right sideline, but he's knocked out of bounds by Brandon Carr. No big gain, but may have been enough for 1st down.
  • Another run to the right that goes nowhere.
  • Romo attempts a TD pass from about 15-yards out. Target is Witten but the pass is thrown about five yards behind Witten, where Brandon Carr almost picks it off, but the ball bounces out of Carr's hands and into the waiting hands of Bruce Carter. First team offense stalls again.
  • Orton and the second team get a chance from about 25 yards out. O-line moves right, Orton with a short dump-off pass to Anthony Armstrong on the left who runs up the field for a nice gain.
  • Orton connects with Gavin Escobar up the middle.
  • Orton with a beautiful pass into the corner of the end zone, where Anthony Armstrong goes up and comes down with the ball despite Micah Pellerin also getting his hands on the ball.
  • Romo and the first team are back in, also from about 25 yards out. Playaction to the right, short pass to the left to James Hanna who sprints for a nice gain up the field.
  • The entire line moves left, Romo hands off to Murray who moves with the line for a gain on the left side.
  • Offense scores on a short pass to Witten for a TD up the middle.
  • Orton is back in with the second team from about 25 yards out. First pass to the right falls behind a speeding Anthony Armstrong.
  • Handoff to Phillip Tanner who is met ob the right side by a wall of blue.
  • Nice pass to Dante Rosario on an out route gets them to within two yards of the goal line.

The mothership has the remaining handful of practice snaps posted as a video, you can see for yourself whether Orton and the second team offense can punch it in from two yards out.


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