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BTB Fantasy Football Is Back For 2013! Find Out How To Join

That's right, it's time to dust off the trophy shelf and make room for some 2013 Fantasy Football goodness!


It's about that time! If you are interested in joining one of the BTB-sponsored Fantasy Football leagues for 2013, here is your chance!

Sign up below in the comment section by providing your email address. You will be entered into a random drawing to fill the available slots in each of the four leagues. A handful of folks have earned automatic entry into the leagues; FPWs, Top Four finishers from the Premiere League, and winners from each of the other three leagues.

As always, the premier league "Fear The Star" is the best of the best. It's the ultimate in competition!

First things first, a huge congratulations to those that won each of the 5 leagues last season.

League Team Name Owner
Fear The Star Magic Magic
Reloaded The 88 Club El Jugganot
Revolutions BTB Masada Masada
Animatrix The 12th Man gaindm
Keeper League Dallas Cowboys --

Shoutout to Magic, who has won the Premier League for two years in a row. Special shoutout to Arnoldo who put together and runs the Keeper League. I failed to defend my league title with a championship game loss, but I'll be back!

Once again, I am already planning out the four BTB leagues for the year. All will draft simultaneously, on Tuesday, August 27th, 8pm Eastern.

"Fear The Star" will feature the front-page writers who are participating, last year's final four (Magic, Road Warrior, Dave and I am Ironman!) as well as the winners from the other three leagues; Reloaded, Revolutions and Animatrix. I believe that will leave 1 or 2 slots up for grabs.

The sign up will become a random drawing for the remaining spots. We have to give everyone a chance to get in, so the signup will stay open through Friday; at which point I will randomly select folks to fill in the slots.

Again, all drafts will be held on Tuesday, August 27th at 8pm Eastern.


12 team leagues, with two divisions. Division winners plus two add'l teams make the playoffs (weeks 15 and 16), but seeding is based on overall record. Fortunately, all of the commissioners from last year have signed up for the responsibility again in 2013! So there are 11 open slots per league available.

For the remaining spots, I will be drawing names out of an e-hat from those that sign up below. I'll make the selections over the weekend, so you have 4 days to leave your EMAIL ADDRESS below to be considered. I will then email those chosen with the league password.

I've set the rules of the league according to some of my preferences, but not all. For instance, there are no IDPs (independent defensive players) in this league; just a team defense/ST. I have included however a flex position (WR, TE, RB) and I award bonus points for reaching certain incentives that I feel signify having a 'great' game. If there is a consensus about a major shift in philosophy for the scoring or rosters, I will listen.

Here's the roster slots:

QB: 1

WR: 2

RB: 2

TE: 1

Flex (WR/TE/RB): 1

Defense/ST: 1

Bench: 6

Rushing/Receiving/Defensive TD: 6 points

Passing TD: 4 points

Bonuses for plays over 40 yards, passing over 300, rushing over 125, catching over 110. Penalties for missed kicks, and increased defensive scoring makes them legitimate scoring threats worthy of mid round consideration.

Let's Get It On!

Invitations have now gone out for the Premiere League and FTS: Reloaded. Due to some difficulties, I have not been able to send out invites to the two remaining random leagues. Here is a list of those that were selected, you'll be getting an email invite soon!

UserName League
Joe Ferraiola Animatrix
Baked Potato Soup Animatrix
jockmeister Animatrix
accidental innuendo Animatrix
mehrans9 Animatrix
Sado44 Animatrix
gershwin Animatrix
Mikhaili Animatrix
Cowick22 Animatrix
MosesArt Animatrix
Farrah's Daddy Animatrix
GeorgeSull4 revolutions
DerUbermensch revolutions
Sean N revolutions
Maxnelin revolutions
safwant revolutions
Bvanzanman revolutions
ketom1220 revolutions
wil1434 revolutions
samilpa4life revolutions
Sir Robin revolutions
Hatchetman337 revolutions

If you weren't picked up, feel free to congregate amongst yourselves and put together some unofficial BTB leagues! Thanks for submitting your names!

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