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Cowboys Training Camp Report, Practice Number Fifteen: Desperately Seeking Dez

More Dallas Cowboys 2013 training camp practice reports!


As promised in the initial post covering yesterday's camp activities, here is a play-by-play summary of some of yesterday's 11-on-11 practice. This breakdown covers the team drills that were conducted from about the offense's 20 or 30-yard line. All of the plays were executed from roughly that area, regardless of how big a gain was made on the previous play. Note that all the distances quoted below are approximate as I was standing at midfield and couldn't always see the exact distance each play gained.

  • The Cowboys offense starts off at about its own 20-yard line. Tony Romo looks for targets but can't find any and throws a quick pass to DeMarco Murray, who's made his way to the left sideline. Murray makes the catch but would have been tackled on the spot by Sterling Moore.
  • The defense blitzes and Romo is under pressure. He has to hurry the throw to the right side, where the ball falls at Bryant's feet. Not sure from my wobbly film whether Bryant should have made a sight adjustment or whether it was simply a bad throw.
  • The defense pressures Romo out of the pocket and Romo runs to his right, with both defensive ends in hot pursuit. Romo throws on the run and connects with Dwayne Harris, who has a slight cushion on Bruce Carter. Carter pushes him out of bounds for perhaps a five-yard gain.
  • Another blitz, this time from the right. Sterling Moore blitzes next to DeMarcus Ware, who initially looks like he's trying to get by Tyron Smith on the outside. Perhaps distracted by the blitzing Moore, Smith takes a large step back and Ware cuts inside like it's nobody's business. Murray, who stayed in to pass protect, has already committed to the blitzing Moore and cannot change direction anymore to stop Ware, who would have knocked Romo silly from the blind side in real action.
  • While DeMarcus Ware gets a rest, the defense throws another blitz at the offense, this time out of a 3-4 look. Ben Bass is lined up at LDE, Landon Cohen is the DT and Kyle Wilber the RDE. Justin Durant is lined up between the LDE and the DT, while Sterling Moore is lined up on Wilber's outside shoulder. All five rush. Moore is picked up by Tyron Smith and smothered. Ronald Leary handles Cohen with ease. Durant is no match for Frederick and Free and Witten successfully gang up on Bass. Wilber, instead of overloading the left side of the line loops, around and runs straight into Bernadeau's waiting and grateful arms. In the meantime, Romo stares down Dez Bryant, who is running a go route down the left sideline against Xavier Brewer. Romo throws a 30-yard pass which Bryant catches on the run and takes all the way to the endzone after shaking Brewer's tackle attempt.
  • Bryant_for_td_medium

  • Kyle Orton comes in. He throws a pass that falls strangely incomplete in the middle of the field: The pass was either thrown way behind Lance Dunbar, or too short for Tim Benford. Not clear if either receiver was supposed to run a different route, but it doesn't happen often that Orton simply throws a pass into no-man's-land.
  • Something goes wrong on the next play, as there appears to be a lot of confusion on the offense, with Orton pointing out to Escobar and Harris where they should have lined up. The offense rehuddles before getting off a snap.
  • On the next play, Escobar lines up as the H-back while Dunbar lines up as the Z-receiver, and Orton throws the ball to Dunbar for about a five-yard gain.
  • The offense lines up with three wide receivers in 11-personnel, and Orton connects with Eric Rogers on the right side for a 10-yard pass.
  • Nick Stephens comes in, and as the offense lines up, he appears to be arguing with Colin Cochart about where to line up. Offense rehuddles.
  • Stephens gets good protection and throws a 35-to-40-yard pass down the left side to Anthony Armstrong, who acrobatically goes up to grab it against coverage from Orlando Scandrick. Jeff Heath comes in over the top and just misses swatting away the ball.
  • Anthony_armstrong_j_medium

  • The next pass is targeted at Anthony Amos on the right side but Deon Lacy reads the pass, gets inside on Amos and almost intercepts the ball.
  • The horn blows, and this session is over. The team then proceeded to run some red zone plays, most of which are caught on film in this segment on

    Notable highlights include

    • a TD pass from Romo to Bryant
    • Sean Lee breaks up a TD pass intended for Jason Witten
    • Jason Hatcher with a would-be sack of Romo in the red zone
    • Bruce Carter stands up DeMarco Murray at the 1-yard line on a run up the middle


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