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Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast Replay: 2013 Training Camp Winds Down

It's almost over: Dallas readies itself for its third preseason game and prepares to say goodbye to Oxnard, California. Come Sunday, it's back to Dallas and the regular routine. We look at the rookie progression, the last game, the next game and so much more!

Rob Carr

Jason Garrett cannot stop this show! We expected to have a live camp report from the practice field, but the Cowboys head coach decided to give the players the day off to head to the beach on Wednesday night.

Never fear, we had plenty to pontificate as the Cowboys 2013 Training Camp draws to a close.

Give the replay a listen and find out why OCC no-so-subtly called me a Chicken Little... figure out which side of the "injuries are a concern" side of the fence you sit on... find out why Travis Johnson will get no more than 15 minutes of fame. On the fly, I even coined a new segment, "Star, Starter, Raw-ster, or NO!" as we evaluated several Cowboys rookies and decided which category will describe their initial campaigns.

It's Cowboys Crunchtime Live! On Replay!

  • Episode 2.12

  • #RomosBurden
  • Cowboys Screen Game in 2013
  • Raiders Game Review
  • Cardinals Game Preview
  • Injury Roundup
  • Kyle Orton / Alex Tanney - Who Knew?
  • Much More!

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