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BTB Fantasy Football: Second Chance Leagues!

Missed out on one of the four leagues, we're expanding so that you too can be in on the BTB action!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

You too, can still be down!

Due to the overwhelming success of our participant drive for the four main Fear The Star leagues, we decided we don't want to leave everyone that didn't get an invite out in the cold.

Therefore, we are going to extend another sort of invitation. If you would still like to participate in a BTB formatted league, here's a second chance for you.

What needs to happen is people to volunteer to be commissioner of the leagues. Set up a Yahoo! Sports league, organize it whatever way you see fit. Once you have a complete league, email the details to me at KDP10For10 @ and I will include you in our year-long updates. The more the merrier!

Congregate here in the comment section, and if/when complete leagues get set up, we will track them along with the five main leagues (4 Fear The Star + Becho's Keeper League), as "official" BTB leagues.

If you need people to help fill up your league, I have a list of eligible Fantasy GMs that were not awarded Fear The Star franchises. Let me know how many you need!

So join us, let's grow this BTB Fantasy web a little larger.


As of now, all invites for the Fear The Star leagues have been sent out, but not everyone accepted their invitations. You have until Friday before we fill your slot with someone else. Go to the SIGN UP POST, and make sure you check the email that you signed up with. Accept your invitations, asap!


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