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Last Reminder: Blogging The Boys Fantasy Leagues And Slots Are Still Available!

It's time for the biggest week of the Fantasy Football Season! Draft Week!

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Miles Austin: Viable WR3 Material For Your Fantasy League Team
Miles Austin: Viable WR3 Material For Your Fantasy League Team
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Experienced FF'ers know... this is the week.

You could have done your drafts already, but those that live this year in and year out know that you better be sure  the players you drafted make it to the regular season in one piece. For those people, and the masses of people who are just now deciding "Hey, I want to try out this fantasy foosball thing", this is the week where Fantasy Drafts rule the roost.

With the help of our FF partner, Yahoo! we want to make sure you have the opportunity to experience Fantasy Football with your BTB brethren.

So follow this link and create a Yahoo! league!

Then come back here and post the link to the url, allowing BTBers to join in your fun! You can structure these leagues any way you see fit; PPR, IDP, 8,10, 12, 16 teams... whatever you choose to do. Enjoy yourselves!


Editors Note: The FTS Leagues have now all been filled. There's a possibility one spot opens up if a player that didn't follow the team creation rule doesn't respond to an email, but please continue forming leagues on your own!

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